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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by mtdman, Oct 24, 2003.

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    In the past I've always sent cards to just regular lawn customers. This year I've had a lot of outside work from aeration and leaf cleanups, one time services kind of things. Question is, should I send these people cards as well, to foster a good relationship in the future? Or will they even remember who I was and question who the sender is? And if so, will the card be a good reminder for the coming season???

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    I have a limit set in my mind on whether or not they get cards..for example if they spent $500 on services then yes I send them a card. If not, nope.
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  4. GarPA

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    I do it a little differently. I only send Xmas cards to regular lawn and landscape customers. All customers (including one timers) get a quarterly newsletter on landscape and lawn tips/info for the upcoming 3 months. If after I send them 4 newsletters and they have not done any new business with me in that time frame, I delete them from the newsletter maillist

    On the larger commercial/residential accounts, I buy most of them some kind of Xmas present...usually its a a desk plant with our logo on the container. Last year it was cactus planters for most of them. Most of them are VERY appreciative when the receive these and it only costs me less than $200 for everything

    While we've been full time only for 3 years, I do find that one timers are usually just that,,,one timers. But I still send the quarterly newsletters tokeep my name in front of them for a year.
  5. turfmarketing

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    As far as marketing techniques go, holiday cards a fairly inexpensive and an effective method for increasing name recognition.

    I would suggest that the "one-timers" and prospects are a more important audience than the regular customers. A regular customer would expect to get a holiday card. An infrequent customer would not and the fact that you thought of them will make a bigger impact.

    They might even be more likely to think of you for additional services.

    Keeping you name in front of customers and prospects is foundation of any marketing program. Any excuse you have for doing that is worth the investment.
  6. Shuter

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    I send holiday cards to all regular customers and any one time customers from this past year. It is a good networking tool. I also send them to the vendors that I use.
  7. dmk395

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    You would be a fool not to send everyone them. A stamp and cheap card costs about 60 cents, but often times the effect they give is worth 10 times that.
  8. lost mountain

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    We're sending out holiday cards to all regular maintenance customers and vendors and sending holiday baskets w/ card to any customer who spent $15,000 or more (to date) with us on landscape projects. We're about to order customized cards from these folks: http://festiveholidays.net from their catalog. This will be the first year for us to do this. Anyone have any experience with this card company?
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    I send cards to every customer, season long ones to a simple 1 timer who just wanted some mulch delivered. I have received cards back from customers saying thank you for your card. I have also received new work from it, because people say how nice you are to send a card. I saw a couple of the calender cards I sent last year in use this year at a couple of my accounts. I pick a card that says happy holidays because I have christian, jewish, and jehovahs that I service.
  10. paponte

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    I would have to agree. That's almost like not holding on to your estimates. Sounds stupid, but we send letters to even lost estimates. Alot of times we will end up getting a job, because of our professionalism.

    "You'll never know till you try it" ...sometimes when you do, you kick yourself for not doing it sooner! :cool:

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