xr7, Triton =Marketing Crap? or Legit Improvements in technology?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hue-nut, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. hue-nut

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    Okay I am interested to know what you all think about the latest decks. I see them marketed to no end and I must say that I am skeptical. I personally have not used any of these decks but rather a traditional Hustler deck. I am just wondering from you all who are using them, are they really that much better? I know that technology and progression are important, however alot of what I see out there is hype and marketing. Hustlers xr7 decks are leaving strips of uncut grass rather than stripes, they are now offering a "fix" kit for no extra charge to those experienceing problems. Why should a deck that is touted as the newest and best need a fix kit? I just dont understand. Let me know what you think, are these new decks worth it?
  2. tacoma200

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    Exmark took a team all across the country to test the new Triton deck. They stayed in close contact with the factory and tested it in may parts of the country, with different conditions and different kinds of grasses so they could perfect the deck before it went to market but they still have some problems in real world applications. I am sure Hustler spent alot of time perfecting the Xr-7 deck and they are also having problems. I think it takes time to get feedback from customers and make changes to get everything working right. Like I said in another post give these guys a year or two to iron out the problems which they will (or loose business). Keeping the customer happy and making good equipment is what keeps them in business so you can bet they are up late at night working to iron out anything that would hurt the customer base and thier bottom line. Back to you main question I think the new decks will be an improvement after they get a few problems lined out. Even companys like Toyota known for quality has recalls on hundreds of thousands of vehicles. I know we are talking about mowers but I'm sure you get where I'm coming from.
  3. excel25

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    My XR-7 is soooooooooo much better than my old super z deck. No clumping in wet grass, great in tall and no uncut grass and the extra 6 in. is great!!
  4. tacoma200

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    Glad your having good luck Dennis. It's hard to tell what percentage of customers are having problems with the new deck since you more often hear from the ones having trouble and not the ones that are working properly. After hearing a few problems about the XR7 and Triton I was glad I got the ultracut. I do have confidence in both these manufacturers to work out any problems in the future. My Ultra cut does great but I do have to scrape the deck once a week with the thick moist fescue we have. I definately won't buy another machine without a demo after some of the horror stories I'm hearing though.
  5. DLS1

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    New and improved marketing hype as usual. Marketing 101 - you got to have a gimmick to get people to want to buy. Answer is new and improved deck. That will lure in the ones that need the latest machine and those people will say it is better than what they had before. After all who wants to admit their old maching deck cut just as good after they just spend $10,000. Wouldn't want to admit you made a bad decison.

    Your telling me the engineers took all these years to figure out to make the deck height higher or the chute opening bigger. Must be some dumb engineers. :laugh: :laugh:
  6. Envy Lawn Service

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    This is the first I have read about any XR-7 issues...
  7. tacoma200

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    You can go to the Hustler forum on lawnsite to read the post about the deck problems. The Hustler engineers are supose to be working around the clock to fix the problem and may have found a fix. Its a little confusing just how many of the thousands of decks they put out are having problems but they all seem to have the same problem with leaving a strip of grass. This may only be a small percentage of the units sold, like I said it's hard to tell since only the people having problems seem to be the ones posting. Others seems to be having no problem at all. Like the last poster (DLS1) said I guess you've got to have a new gimick and bigger engine, deck, etc every few years to keep the LCO's upgrading and buying new products. I felt kinda cheated buying an 05 Lazer with the Ultracut deck after hearing that they upgraded to the Triton but now I'm glad I have a tried and true deck that has a solid reputation as a great preformer. I think the Ultracut will go down as one of the best decks ever built even though they are probably going to be discontinued. Time will tell. I have often heard Dixie guys wishing they had a Dixie with an Exmark deck but never the other way around.
  8. Envy Lawn Service

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    Yeah, I went over and read through that thread... not good.

    It's confusing if you ask me. I wish someone would have posted a picture of the "fix" baffle. Sounds like a turbulant interferance type thing to me.

    Personally, I sure wish I had went with one UltraCut as many claim they are a lot better than the trivantage.

    Anyways, I'm still totally pleased with my choice to try the Lesco ZTR's and the way it is looking, if I hang around long enough, I'll be making the transition to standardizing to all Lesco ZTR's.
  9. kc2006

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    LMAO, you think cleaning the deck once a week is bad? You sir should be 100% happy with that machine :) Yea that 6" deep triton that can cut in the rain and doesn't collect any debris up in the deck...YEAH RIGHT. I've had to clean it out every 2 days and I hardly use the thing, packs up all on the spindles, grass somehow packs on the baffles themselves, yea it's great, glad I wasted 9,000 on it.

    I think it's all marketing crap and these companies aren't doing enough R&D before putting JUNK out. My personal thoughts are, exmark needed to get something out because hustler was bringing the xr7 out, they tossed something together real quick and sent it out. If you look at the triton underneith, it's a 1/2" deeper ultracut with a moveable discharge baffle WHOOOWEEE. At least with the xr7 they made the baffles inside it cut away some to allow more air to flow so you have less turbulence. Like my dealer and another dealer told me, they said set the discharge at the widest setting and leave it there because it's really useless unless your down in florida with bahia grass. That's all the triton was brought out for, for better cut in bahia and it's doing just that.

    I'm extremely mad now that I found out that hardly anyone at exmark has a clue about the triton deck, try to get an answer out of anyone but the guy who designed it or their head of engineers, it won't happen. Now that means I'm going to be stuck with this POS demo unit for who knows how long until they figure out what the deal is with the tritons.
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    I read where you said you sent me a PM in that other thread.
    But if you sent it, I never got that.

    Anyways, I really do feel for all the unhappy owners.
    Been there, done that and it was no fun at all.

    It's about THE worst thing you can go through in this business.

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