XT5 Aerator from Turfco

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Michael J. Donovan, Oct 22, 2010.

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    i second that.........:usflag:
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    We are working on a Video and wil have it up as soon as the Video Company gets it done. Turfco owners do not like to do homemade type videos so it takes some time. Advertising and videos always seem to come last. I can tell you the XT5 pulls better cores than any aerator we have ever built. It is an amazing little machine. All 360 lbs are balanced over the tines when it is " in Aeration Mode" yet you can still turn it easily with one hand. And it does an excellent ripping action under the surface to further loosen the soil. At the show we had an introduction price of $2995.00 and I think our sales dept in Minnesota is holding that price. Next spring it will be $3295.00. But you can order right now and set up a spring delivery date.
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    Hey Turfcobob what size plugs are you seeing with the machine on average?Does it leave the plug up on top of the lawn and intact?How well does the machine move in transport mode?Will it drive across the lawn up in transport mode or is it traction limited due to weight bias to the rear?Really want to see the video.
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    The type of plug you see on the surface usually depends on the type of soil you are aerating. Sandy dry soil will give you great holes and lousy plugs. Softer loam soil will give you good holes and so so plugs as the soil does not stick together. The more clay the better looking the plug and the poorer the hole. Dry clay, no hole, no plug buy a drill and drill holes with concrete bit.
    Transport is good considering it has a fixed axle in the front. Weight distribution is good as the weights do not hang off the back but are just forward and above the aeration reel. Also the handle design helps alot. You are pushing forward on the speed control which pushes the machine forward and onto the transport tires. Adv. Dept is working on the video as we chat.
    Got more questions toss em out here. Turfcobob
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    different sizes? and what engine will be on them?
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    Hi Bob - Can you explain how you turn the machine so easily? Do you have to lift the front wheels or is it dual hydro where you can turn it similar to a dual hyrdo walk behind? Thanks.
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    Several things come into play to make the turning easy. length of handlbar, location of weight and free wheeling tines.

    The handle bar is long enough to give you good leverage against the mass of the machine and they are mounted a little behind the pivot axle for added leverage.

    The weight is concentrated right over the tines so you do not have to lift mass to turn just pull sideways on the long handle.

    The center tines are the drivers and the outside sets are free wheeling. So the leverage only has to pivot the center tines when making turns.

    Call if you have more questions. 402-783-2028 cell 402-432-2446

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    Fall of 2007, we had a chance to demo the T3000. Same time turfcobob also showed us their prototype hydro aerator, but since only about 5% of our income is derived from aerations, we did not give it a second look. We currently run three T3000 sprayer/spreaders, and we love them.

    That's the fact Jack. Have not seen or used the new TURFCO aerator(s). Not sure what's going on. I spose time will tell. Will they offer a ride-on aerator?
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    Anyone see the new turfco video yet:confused:
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    Would you mind explaining this quote please "And it does an excellent ripping action under the surface to further loosen the soil."


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