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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by gobucks99, Jun 19, 2007.

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    I just bought a house that a little over 2.5 acres. The yard is overall very flat, at this point it has very little items to manuever around, but part of it is rough.

    I have been researching ZTR's for awhile and to this point it seems the more I look the more I get get confused as to what is the best buy for my yard.

    Here is buying criteria
    - manufacturer stability...I want them to be around years from now
    - overall ride comfort....rough yard
    - cutting capability, ability to cut yard nice when short but also ability to cut high grass
    - durability....I want this purchase to last me a very long time
    - ease of maintenance and low maintenance needed
    - anything else that I am missing

    Here are the options I am leaning towards in no specific order
    - Exmark CT
    - Ferris IS1500
    - Scag Tiger Cub
    - Snapper 450z

    I am very open to any suggestions and/or thoughts out there. I want to make sure that make the best educated decision that I can before dropping what I consider a good amount of money for home use.

    Thanks to all in advance.
  2. TX_Mudder

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    I am in much the the same situation. I need to mow 2.5 acres, mostly flat, about 15 trees total. I just bought a Scag Tiger Cub. Picking it up tomorrow.

    Have you tried any of them out? Get a little seat time in one and see how it feels.

    I think it is important to evaluate the dealer just as much as the product. Have they been around awhile (and should be around for a long time) or are they a start up that may flake out? You want to be able to count on service.

    I went with the Scag because it is a proven mower, because it has good local dealer support, and because it has adjustable controls which fit me much better because I am tall.

    Good luck!
  3. Pro-Scapes

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    if its that rough the ferris will give you best ride. I got a toro commercial and its been good since the factory defects were fixed. Incredible cut.

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