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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Freetime, Mar 29, 2001.

  1. Freetime

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    Had a yahoo call me today first words were ”how much you charge to have one of your employees to cut my yard” in an agitated tone. Response “ we do not quote prices over the phone. How large is your property sir ” yahoo “I don’t know its big” res “well sir do you think it is one acre, three fourths or larger” yahoo “ I don’t know (low ball Joe) was charging X amount to cut it” res “ well I know I will not match that price” yahoo “will it be more than X amount” in an exited, agitated voice. “Yes it will substantially. Did the other company come on a regular basis were they regular” yahoo “no” in an angered tone. “Well we can come out and take a look at the property sir” yahoo after a minute of silence “I guess I will call back when I dicide what I am going to do” about ready to bust. “ok thanks” click.

    Turns out after looking his property up it was a 1.77 acre weed-lot. I just wonder how people keep their self in the gene pool and why.

    Just my rambling for the day!
  2. Kevin

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    Concerning their gene pool-Their family tree probably doesn't have many branches. Next time tell them you cut it for $1.50 a thousand feet squared, minimum 20,000 sq feet or whatever your minimum is. Let them measure it!
  3. geogunn

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    FT--I didn't try to read your post with the enthusiam that you posted it.

    but what I got out of it is that this may have been one of the calls that might have been worth dealing with so that you could "WORK THE CUSTOMER".

    since time is money, it may not have been worth the time.

    but, I always like one of these from time to time. you's a sharpen the selling skills thing. plus it can just be fun to watch an old geezer "wallow in his own state of mind" (if you understand what I mean).

  4. joshua

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    personly if there if the yard is more or less weeds i won't even cut it. you never know if some of those stick to the bottom of your deck, then next house they decide to start a new family in one of your best yards turing it to spit. tell the guy to go pound salt or get a scrub, he'll think its a gold mine.
  5. cos

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    I get that all the time.

    "how much do you charge to cut a lawn"

    I almost want to say " you can't afford it"
  6. Mark

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    I get the same thing,can you come a cut our yd? When i get there its there field. First of all you have to walk the darn field just to look for bottles,giant rocks,bricks,ect,ect. Ive done several of these jobs and usually charge 2.75per acer if its not 10"tall which would be around 220 dollars. I don't really mind cutting these jobs,but won't take on the real tall ones. Marks Mowing Service
  7. cajuncutter

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    I posted this on another thread and it probably should have been here to begin with. This is for more flower bed maintanace work not mowing but if they insist on an hourl rate I give it to them. Here it is:

    I hardly ever give a quote over the phone. Sometimes I just have to to get the tight wade off my phone. I usually average 45/hr for 2 guys. For every one guy after that it is an additional 15. I have a 1 hour minimum. So I have to tell the customer this over the phone and they gasp. "Well I can not afford that!!" My reply is. "Mam when was the last time you had a plumber come out and work on your pipes? The average cost for you to have one guy come out and do this is 50 +bucks and hour and they do not even pro-rate and I do!!"
    customer "well that is just to high!"
    Me "WEll sorry mam I have over 20 grand tied up in equipment plus I have to pay my guys. Your plumber simply has a metal snake, monkey wrench and a van. Sorry I can not help you...buh bye." CLICK

    And I really love those ones that say they are on a budget....I simply tell them I am on a budget to..Have anice day.

  8. Some here let - er - go for say 6 months, then give a call for a mow - n -trim. I just price out what it would have cost them for regular maintenance for 6 months and watch their jaw (JAWJA!)drop.

    Use this method to paper train those who think we do this for the exercise! I'm serious!

    Hey if you get the job at 6 mos. worth it may not be that bad after all. And the client will be potty trained never to do it again!

    Aloha P.Y.S
  9. 65hoss

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    I also love the ones that ask what do you charges Mr. ----?

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