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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wreak, Oct 10, 2004.

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    Since this post didn't get ansered in the "Just Starting in Business" section I'll ask this in here.

    I'm sorta new to commercial equipment and want a nice 36" mower to use on the customer I currently have. I've been using a 21" Honda HR215HXA Master series (non commercial) and a 42" Troy Bilt tractor. Mainly these yards are small in size and too small for a tractor but would work out with a ZTR but a 36" I think would be perfect. We're just starting out and have actively been buying commercial grade equipment (trimmers, edgers, blowers) in preparation for the upcoming '05 season.

    This ad was in the paper yesterday and was wondering what the going rate was for this type of mower? I looked it up on the Yahoo/Keez site and it shows that this type of mower is a gear drive with a fixed deck and comes with a Kawasaki engine (it also shows that the 36" comes with a Kholer).


    "36" COMM. MOWER Yazoo/Kees Kutter. Runs/cuts great. Near new condition. Will deliver. $1,100 OBO"

    Is this a good price? It seems like it is especially if it's runs and cuts like he says. Not sure what the condition of it is...rust, etc. I saw some other websites showing $2300 so I'm not sure if that is fact?

    PS. I did a search for this mower on here and read good things about it but didn't see anything as far as pricing.

    New Information since this posting......
    I called on this yesterday and the guy called me back this morning and here's the questions I asked. (I'm still new at commercial equipment so hopefully I asked sensible questions).

    Here's the conversation:

    Me: What year is the mower?
    Seller: Huh? What do you mean?

    Me: How old is it?
    Seller: It's only about a year old.

    Me: What type of engine does it have?
    Seller: I don't know. :rolleyes:

    Me: I see that it either comes with a Kawasaki or Kholer
    Seller: Kholer rings a bell.

    Me: Is it gear driven or hydrostatic
    Seller: Gear, it has 5 forward gears and you can't even keep up with it at 3 so you'd have to get one of those things that you stand on.

    Me: A Sulky? (learned this term on Lawnsite) :)
    Seller: Ya, they are like $10 bucks at the place I bought it from.
    Me: I thought they were more expensive.

    Me: Is it in good shape?
    Seller: Yes. It's almost brand new.

    Me: When can I come and see it?
    Seller: How bout tomorrow at lunch, I will even deliver it since this is one of those things you just don't throw in the back of a truck or car.
    Me: I'll give you a call around 10am.
    Seller: Great, I can meet you someplace.

    Me: Did you get any other calls on this?
    Seller: Ya, somebody else is supposed to come later tomorrow afternoon.

    The question I didn't ask was about why he was getting rid of it. He said he bought it from a local dealer so that's a good thing. I called their number but they are closed today.

    What do you guys think? Go for it or hold off until something else comes along such as a Scag, Exmark, Toro? With the mowing season winding down do you think that prices will drop more with people wanting to get rid of their equipment? I see a lot of business shutting down so I might hold off for a month or so.
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    I have a yahzoo kees (48"). I'm very satisfied with it's performance. The kaw on it performs well also. However I have a 36" with a Kohler on it and I lean towards the Kohler. The Kohler seems to be a little stronger yet more tempermental. It will flood easily.

    The seller may not know much about this equipment the way he is sounding. Try to talk him down some more on the price.
    Good Luck!
  3. Wreak

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    I believe he did say it had the Kholer. I'm meeting with him in 45 minutes so I'll let you know how it goes and if I buy it I will post some pics. I'll try to to talk him down some. He has 2 other peole coming to look at it later this evening.
  4. Wreak

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    Well, I went to the bank and it was closed due to Columbus day so I decided to go to a local lawn equipment dealer and check things out. I ended up buying a 1995 50" Gravely pro 150 wb with a 17hp(i think) vanguard B&S and hydro drive for $650. It also had a velky but the tire is bad and he told me that I needed to start out walking before riding on the single tire. They are going to factory recondition it and replace an oil tank (velky slammed in to it and punctured it) and the starter solenoid. It's going to come with a 30day warranty and if they can't fix something then they'll refund all of my money so I'm going to need to do a lot of mowing in the next 30 days. LOL

    I bought it at Choo Choo Lawn Equipment in Plant City, FL.
  5. lampeslawnservice

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    Did you say replace oil tank because it was puntured? Sure hope it didn't run without oil, good luck
  6. Wreak

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    Come to think of it, I believe he said the hydro pump tank?.?.? I'm totally new to hydro equipment and am not sure if the hydro pumps have tanks. I probably would've questioned the same thing you are if he would've said something about oil. Let's hope not. :confused:

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