y'all told me about realtors

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jbob, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. jbob

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    i made a post about getting work from realtors and was told to watch out. last year i cut 5 or 6 properties for a realtor. went by to see him a couple of weeks before time to start cutting and told him i would cut them for same price this year but they would need a spring cleanup. he said he was going to let someone else do cleanup. then about three weeks ago he called and wanted to know why i was not cutting grass. i said because they had not been cleaned up. he said they did not need it to just cut. i said they had to have limbs and leaves picked up and i would do it for two times regular price.he got mad and said no. went by yesterday and they had what looked like three guys from homeless shelter out there picking up limbs at one property and nothing done to others.
  2. Craftybigdog

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    Everyone is trying to save a dollare, its sad!
  3. metro-hp_48

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    Yep. Hear those stories about realitors all the time. Had a good friend doing work for one last season.........bad mistake.
    (on the good side, that realitor went bankrupt a few months ago, so my step-father got to buy quite a few @ auction....cheap)
  4. impactlandscaping

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    I know several here that are the same way. They would use 5 y/o Indonesian kids from Kathie Lee if they could get away with it.They want a $200.00 job for $ 20.00..go figure..

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