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yanmar excavators

Dirty Water

LawnSite Fanatic
Redmond, WA
I should note that a few landscapers here own Yanmars and swear by them, so perhaps my experience was unusual...then again, rental units with that many hours are usually loose regardless of what brand :)

I also hated the fact that it didn't have armrest controls. My usual rental is a Case CX36, which I love.

Crappy Controls:


LawnSite Fanatic
Marysville, WA
The new Yanmars are excellent from what I've seen. I looked at a Vio35 at a trade show last year and it looked really nice, can't say much for the reliability or performance.


LawnSite Senior Member
I have no personal experience with the Yanmar Exc but in Europe they are very very popular. I'm lead to believe they have similar quality to Kubota.

Gravel Rat

LawnSite Fanatic
British Columbia
A local landscaper has a Yanmar mini its in the 9000-10000lb range I don't know what model it is but it does have the backhoe style controls. Myself I prefer the pilot controls with arm rests my arms get too tired running backhoe controls. When I ran JCB backhoe I had to have the seat as close as I could to the controls so I could rest my elbows on the seat arm rests.

As for Yanmar excavators I don't think there is anything wrong with them I do think most mini excavators are pretty similar in quality.