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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by wshuntoct, May 31, 2010.

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    Just got a YM 2000 from a Customer whose Husband passed away. The tractor had been sitting for a while but only has 82 hours on it. We replaced the battery, and cables, changed the fluids but after running for a short while it runs hot. I had one of my guys flush the radiator but it is still doing it. If it was the water pump, it would very quickly run hot, wouldn't it?

    Does anyone have a suggestion what to look at or what it might be?

    Does anyone have one of these tractors and what success have you had with it? It seems like a strong little tractor. Thanks.
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    We have a Yanmar 2300 series. The transmission filter was totally clogged from sitting idle for two years with the previous owner. I took it out and cleaned it. My tractor had heated up and this solved the problem. Hope this helps.
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    1) If it is radiated cooling it's more than likely a full flow system...no thermostat.
    Check the overheat idiot light (Sensor). More times than not a wrong temp sensor has
    been installed.

    Then check to see if the coolant is mixed with any type of anti-freeze solution. These diesel
    Yanmars use a maximum ratio of 30% anti-freeze.

    2) Check to see if there is any coolant in the crankcase or oil in the cooling system.
    Either way, you could be looking at blown heads or simply a head gasket.

    3) Most times it's just a coolant mixture or bad (or Improper temp) sending unit.

    Have a gray market YM 2210D, which I love. Can't afford all the big name tractors.
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    W -- I answered about a week ago but it doesn't seem to be here. At the risk of repeating myself,

    It's a grey-market popular model made around 1980. Many were "refurbished" before shipping, including zeroing the meter.

    Check the usual: fan, belt, rad screen, air passages, both hoses and get a new rad cap. Make sure it's overheating by measuring the coolant temp. Have a rad shop flush and test the rad and powerflush the block. Check for changes in levels of engine oil and coolant, and for the presence of one in the other, suggesting leaky head gasket.

    If you changed the hydraulic fluid, Yanmars need combo hyd/tranny fluid.

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