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    Squizzy mentioned he is playing with one at the moment.

    Are the new Vio's any better than the old ones they made? We had a pretty beat rental B5 that I logged mucho hours on during a large commercial install. (2 months)

    No travel pedals, and backhoe style sticks pissed me off. However, it had a billion hours on it, and despite slop in the boom, still dug :D

    I'm just curious about them, because you can pick up used yanmar for dirt cheap around here.
  2. Scag48

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    You're right, everyone and their brother has an early to mid-90's Yanmar on the "left coast". Kitsap Farm and Garden has the largest concentration of gray market Yanmar's, Komatsu's, and Hitachi's I think I've ever seen. As far as reliability, they must be reasonable because there's still a ton of them around with 5,000+ hours on them.
  3. Squizzy246B

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    Jon, The 8 tonne machine I have been looking at has all the stuff you would expect in any brand of new machine these days. Comparing the cab to the Kubota KX 161-3 I found it felt smaller but was actually more comfortable. The controls are in a better position..angled forward a bit...and the seat was good. The rest, as I said, was pretty standard. The problem with cabs is you just don't know until you have spent a couple of hard working days in them.

    I look at Yanmar because they have a formidable reputation in mini-ex in Europe. The older ones I rate with older Takeuchi...no bells and whistles but they do the job. Durability was the Takeyourhoochie problem and the things wore like hell. Having said I believe these newer machines are better constructed and quality controlled...and I also believe some of the traditional market leaders have slipped a little.

    The 8 tonne machine seems to have a very wide track system and the blade seems way out there but I haven't checked that against a 308CR or something. I like the bolt on rubber treads better than the steel track with rubber inserts.....well it seems like a good setup anyway. To be honest the smaller Yanmars (sub 4 tonne) still seem to be a bit behind the times. I am comparing the Yanmar to Sumitomo, Volvo and Komatsu. I know the Cat 308 well and they are a hands down winner with service here but Cat is expensive down under...by some way.
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    I was looking at a contractor friends Zaxis 75 Hitachi nice machine but man o man is the cab small I would never beable to run the machine with the door and window closed.

    He had a Komatsu the same size he hated it so got rid of it and bought the Hitachi. Says the Hitachi has a little less power but its a better built machine.

    There are alot of gray market Komatsu PC-75s they are not that good.

    I found a 05 308C CR with 450 hours for 75,000 dollars Canadian (68,000 US) that is pretty pricy for a 8 ton machine.
  5. Scag48

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    Believe it or not, a used 308C CR for under $70K US (equipped with thumb of course) is a pretty good deal, they're about $95K new.
  6. tylermckee

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    I put a couple hundred hours on a vio 35. It was nice and tight, like any machine with 200 hours on it would be. It was a bit of a light weight when it came lifting, it doesnt take much to lift a track once you start getting a load hanging out there, which i expected on a ZTS machine thats only 5' wide. travel pedals were just about useless unless you want to look like a ballerina running equipment. It didnt have a lot of pushing power, but it has enough to get by. It was pretty fast and smooth though, what it lacked in brute strength it could pretty much make up for with its speed.
  7. Squizzy246B

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    The Yanmar VIO75-A with full cab etc and GP bucket runs at A$110K here and that is considered a pretty good price.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    I converted the australian funds to CND it come to 97,413 which is alot of money for a small machine. You would have to have alot of work for a 7-8 ton machine to make it pay for itself.

    A 8 ton machine is kinda oddball it really can't do more than a 161 Kubota size machine and its too small to try tackle larger jobs.

    When I looked at the Hitachi 75 the other day it physically doesn't look that much bigger than a 161 Kubota. The contractor I worked for had a Hitachi EX-60 there was no real demand for it he ended up getting rid of it. It wasn't easy to move around you had to move it on the tilt trailer it was too heavy to go into a rolloff box. It just wasn't a handy machine where you could quickly get it loaded up and do 2-3 jobs in one day.

    Around here Yanmar is used alot for marine good engines reasonably priced but when it comes to repairs its "I Got ya" replacement parts are not cheap.

    Personally I prolly wouldn't buy a Yanmar there is only one deal one branch and its miles away from where I'am at. For the dealer to visit this area is a 12-14 hour drive.

    If it come down to budget I would have to say Komatsu ya they are not the best but atleast they are world wide they have lots of dealer branches and service men and trucks. Komatsu works hard to grab more of Caterpillars excavator market so they are willing to deal.
  9. Scag48

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    What's wrong with Deere/Hitachi? Is there any support down there Squizzy? I'd run a Deere, but the local dealer here failed after 3 phone calls to produce a quote that never came, so that was their loss.
  10. Squizzy246B

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    Nothing really, just another excavator. Like I said at the get go...I'm looking around. Just wanted to get up close with the Yanmar.

    Its been my experience that some people talk absolute cow dung about machines, and without having any real experience whatsoever. So I decided to have a look with my own eyes.

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