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    Does any one have a yanmar tractor?If so please tell me what you think of it.How many hours are they expected to last? and how easy are they to find service and parts.
  2. LakeSide Lawn and Landscape

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    You might try your luck at tractorbynet.com. Plan on spending some serious time reading posts, use the search feature to find topics that interest you. If you have specific questions, there are lots of folks on there who know Yanmars inside and out. Myself I have a smaller grey market Yanmar and while it is not as fancy or user friendly as new US market tractors, it is very functional and I daresay every bit as reliable as todays Kubotas, John Deeres or other tractors sold in the U.S. I've put about 200 hours on it and have not had one problem with reliability.
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    Just Recieved a notice from Yanmar-USA, that effective immediatly that any Yanmar dealer ordering parts from Yanmar central parts dist. must include the model no. and the serial no. of the unit [tractor]they will be installed on. Any dealer found to be supplying parts for any grey market tractor is subject to cancellation of their dealership and will cease to have any ability to source further parts through Yanmar.

    It is their intention to make it so difficult to repair or service the grey market tractors that the market will eventually wither and die.

    If they are successful in squeezing off the parts supply channel, the resale value of the grey market tractors is going to colapse.

    If you are looking at a used Yanmar tractor to buy, make sure that the model number [on the side of the hood] has only 3 Three numbers in it. Like model YM186 or YM226 etc. These were all legitimate - meant for sale in the USA tractors.

    If there are 4 four numbers in the model designation , this will be a grey market tractor. If the numbers have been removed or painted over, and if the serial no. is illegible this is likely to be grey market - or stollen, and either way will be far more trouble than its worth to get involved with.

    If you do happen to find a legit. 3 number tractor - especially with the power shifter transmission, these were probably the best little tractors ever sold. They were as close to bullet proof in every system of the tractor as has ever been made- and the power shifter tranny passed almost all the torque the engine made. They were amazingly powerful, super easy to run tractors.
    By the way - they never made the John Deere version with this super transmission, nor with the lifetime engines that the Yanmar version had.
  5. hosejockey2002

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    There is a thread at tractorbynet.com that talks about this issue at length. True, you cannot just go down to the local Yanmar dealer (if there is one) and order all the parts you need for a grey market tractor. However, there are dealers all around the country who sell and service grey market tractors and have connections for parts for them. There have been enough of these tractors imported now that there is a supply of used parts, and there is talk of some companies starting to manufacture aftermarket parts for them. If you are serious about buying a grey market tractor, do your research. Some models are harder to get parts for then others. Yanmars seem to be the easiest to get parts for. I have not had to buy any parts for mine yet, but I know of at least four sources that I can order anything I need online. For filters and such, I have done the research and I can go to any auto parts store and get them. If you are going to use this machine 40 hours a week to make a living you might want to consider a new machine with a local dealer to service it, especially if you are not the do it yourself type. However, I would not hesitate to trade my little 1401D up to a larger grey market Yanmar with powershift and a good loader and put it to work full time tomorrow. Good luck.
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    I just bought a little 15hp diesel Yanmar around Thanksgiving. It is just a slick little tractor and really has alot of power! It has a FEL and I have used it to move lots of rock. I am half considering getting a backhoe att. but I may do a skid steer instead.

    I will keep this little tractor for a long time. It is very versatile!
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    Can't beat grey market tractors for the money. Most have american counter part that are exactly alike. I have a hinomoto and the american counter part is a MF1020 basicly the same tractor cant beat there quality for the money. I havent need a part i couldn't get a napa and i have put 1000 hours on it doing landscaping.
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    Yanmar is a very good engine. I dont know much about the rest of the tractor but I worked on a few JD's with the Yanmar engines and a few marine Yanmars. Both CAN be very high time engines. First and foremost, never run one out of fuel. The fuel injection pumps are picky like that. fuel is a lubricant in the pump and also provides a "cushion" effect on the internal pump components. Without fuel and improper bleeding, it will break. Also it is very imporant to flush and refill the coolant system yearly to keep it in tip top shape. Water pumps are a prime culprit and are very expensive.. somewhere around 400 smackers last one I did a year ago. Head gasket leaks causing external coolant leaks are not uncommon either.

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