Yard completely overgrown with weeds, how can I remove that and get grass growing?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Shpigford, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Shpigford

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    We just purchased a foreclosure here in Birmingham, AL that has a decent sized backyard...unfortunately it's almost completely covered in weeds or just has huge spots with no growth (just dirt).

    So, I'm trying to figure out the best way to get rid of the weeds and grow a healthy lawn in its place.

    Attached below are some pictures of my "situation." :)

    My goal here is to have as much usable lawn space as possible, but I understand I may need to get creative with some flower beds at the base of some of the trees (suggestions welcomed there as well).

    So, any suggestions on what I should do to start addressing this?







  2. coolluv

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    How much money you looking to spend? What's the budget?

  3. ajslands

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    Get a skid and Harley rake
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  4. bigslick7878

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    Mow it. Down to the dirt.

    Bag it.

    Then kill everything that is left.

    After that come back and we can lead you from there, you got a lot of work ahead of you to get that yard right.
  5. green_mark

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    Step 1 install an irrigation system.
    Step 2 kill everything off.
    Step 3 bring in black dirt, seed, starter fertilizer and put a paper mulch on those hills to hold the dirt. Make sure to use the maximum label application rate.

    Be real careful on the amount of water applied each time to keep the dirt from eroding.

    I believe you would be best served to hire a local contractor to take care of everything as they will make sure this is a success from start to finish.
  6. Barefoot James

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    Kill it - ever hear of Round up? - 41%, Kill, Kill, Kill. Then seed you have lots of time in B-ham - used to leve there - Hoover! Awesome place - But the Tide SUCKS so do the Tigers - GO UK!
  7. cgaengineer

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    Nobody mentioned it, but what's the reason the weeds are so bad? Too much shade? Too much competition from the trees sucking up all the water? Acid soils?

    You could dump thousands of dollars into this lawn and end up with the same thing in 2 years. Grass generally doesn't grow under the drip lines of tress very well, if at all.
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  8. bam

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    it looks like there are some mature trees there. its hard to tell how much light reaches the ground. also like stated above, those trees are going to pull alot of nutrients and moisture from the soil. so you may have to prune the trees. thin out the canopy if thick. elevate the lower branches to allow more light to the area.

    perform a soil test. figure out if the soil needs to be amended.

    once you have a better feel for whether you can get a good stand of turf to grow, spray a straight glyphosate solution (roundup). id the various weeds to ensure you mix the correct % of solution based on the weed pressure. wait about a week, to allow the solution to work its way thru the shoots and the roots, then overseed. after the herbicide has had time to move thru the plant, then you can mow/weedeat down whatever is left. Glyphosate works best on actively growing plants, not ones which have been scalped to the ground and stressed out.
  9. lawnpro724

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    First step should be to figure out what got the yard looking that bad in the first place. Take soil test and then do a shade assessment and evaluate the entire lawn. There may be areas where something other than grass may be the right choice.
  10. bigslick7878

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    The reason why that yard looks so bad is the same reason that most do......neglect.

    There is plenty of sunlight in that yard, non issue.

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