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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wojo23323, Mar 28, 2003.

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    Went to do an estimate today and the yard was 95% weeds. Besides killing all weeds and starting over, what suggestions do you give a potenial client? I do lawn renovations in the fall and not the spring. Lawn renovations in the spring in this area are not very successful. I suggested starting on 6 step program and re-doing yard in the fall. Anyone else have any different ideas?

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    you did the right thing if you want to do it right im in kentucky an im in same boat ur in do the best for now then slam them in fall
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    Do it in the fall, especially if there are so many weeds now. Means the soil is out of balance if you have tons of weeds, and it will be tough on any grass to get started in that environment this time of year. Get the soil back into balance this season while maintaining the weeds, then renovate this fall. You should have no problem.
    Wojo23323, you are in Chesapeak VA where Harmony Organic Fertilizers come from, why don't you check 'em out. They would be perfect for lawns like that.
  4. How do we know soil is out of balance just because their are a lot of weeds!!!!!!!

    I visit a clients lawn, @ 40% turf cover and 10% weeds. Guess I don't need to send in the soil sample, since their are few weeds, soil balance must be A OK!!!!

    True its more sucessfull in fall, but even in the transition zone, you can seed in spring or even summer!!!!!!!!

    Depends on resources, evironment conditions, and expertise!!!!!
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    A practiced eye can tell what nutrients are missing, or what the Ph is by what kind of weeds grow there and how many. It is a science that is grasped by few. I am studying this method of diagnosis now, but don't ask me any questions yet. When I have experience with this I'll let you guys know if it works. There are quite a few organic farmers who can do this. The reason I say organic is because they seem to be the farmers closest to understanding nature and the soil.
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    When/if you come down to Georgia I want you to show me how you determine Ph level by analyzing the amount of common bermuda in a zoysia lawn.
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    Be reasonable. I was talking about broadleaves. You know the answer. There will ALWAYS be exceptions to the rules, no matter what. This observation science was mainly used by farmers before soil testing was common, so it has flaws, like every other theory too. Check out the recent thread about aeration and see for yourself what I mean.
  8. Hey organic-man, please define the word organic for me? I was wondering what your definition is?

    Also, if a weed can tell you something about the soil, how do you know how much to put down to correct problem?
  9. Organic man

    if you have moss growing in the yard, what are the soil conditions???
  10. Organic-man

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    Moss is the sign of an imbalance of something, no doubt. The answer is out there. Find out for yourself because at this moment the answer escapes me. If you know the answer why dont you tell it.
    Organic means simply that which is closest to nature or encourages nature's natural funtions. I am sure I could come up with 1001 definitions but they will all be similar. An organic or organic-based fertilizer program's prime goal should be to feed the soil, not the plant. Feeding plants directly would be similar to you getting your food through an IV. Feed the soil properly, and the soil will feed the plant. I consider the modern methods we use today to be more hydroponics than anything. The soil is meant to be more than a growing medium to support the roots of turf or crops. It is a living organism until synthetics kill off the beneficial flora. Then it becomes dead and sterile, unable to support life without heavy inputs. Even then the life is marginal, lacking necessary trace minerals, and becomes more susceptible to diseas. Why do you think Miracle-gro was such a hit? It contained soluble trace minerals that meant all the world between vibrant or marginal health. Miracle gro has its place however. Too much of that and the soil will start developing the detrimental characteristics described above.
    Did you know that chemical fertilizers encourage the roots to develop closer to the surface than organics. Organic methods should condition the soil to an extent that the roots forage deeply to search for naturally occuring elements and develop drought resistance. Such methods may involve using products designed to unlock available nutrients throughout the soil and encourage balanced root growth.

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