Yard grows in clumps - HATE IT!

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by MrsLawnBoy, Apr 22, 2005.

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    We spent a bundle of $$ on sod four years ago when we built our home. The first few summers were so hot and dry that the lawn basically burnt up. It came back last year, but it is growing in clumps. It actually is growing in these little mounds that look like we have a huge dog! (We have NO pets.) Where the grass isn't growing in tufts, it is rather brown and looks matted down. Our lawn is hideous! It isn't just a few spots; the whole yard looks like this whether full sun or shade, back of the house and front and sides. We've recently had a commercial outfit look at it, but I think we're wasting our money. There is no difference. By the way, there are no weeds, but the grass is growing in random globs. Who can solve this problem with some much needed advice? We have agreed that if the problem is not remedied by August, we are tilling the yard under and starting over with fresh seed. :help:
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    Did you prep the soil prior to placing the sod down? Did you give it enough water? Are you sure you got the right type of sod/grass for your zone? Your best bet is to start with a soil sample. The will tell you the condition of your soil and where to start. Since most of your sod died you might have a lot of thatch built up. I would call a few local LCO's to come out and give you opinions. With out any of us seeing it and knowing the soil conditions we can't answer your question.
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    A picture would help. Soil must be good as stated above. If thats not fixed it will happen again. From my experience, sections of the sod died, and you have the left overs. You might want to rake up the dead stuff, and reseed with the appropriate type seed (Blue grass and PRG for the sunny areas and PRG and fine fescues for the shady areas). Your delima is putting the seed down now or growing what you do have till late summer, doing a good aeration and overseeding then.
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    I have seen this before when sod was put down on a basic clay base. The people watered, every day and kept the lawn nice and green. Problem was the sod never rooted down to the base it was laid on and when the sod got stressed when the water got cut back it died because it had no roots. This was my brother in law in Omaha. When he called me it was like you said above. Only solution was to wait till the next fall and do a good overseeding then we got him into a good lawn. Without looking at your lawn and doing a soil sample, this would be my suggestion.

    Old Hippy
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    Yea your gonna hafta re-do the whole lawn,I would not do in august but wait tell end Sept or do now.Gotta prep the soil really good and make sure it drains well,Buy only good quality seed from good company,not a hardware store seed.
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    Sounds like the sod was tall fescue.Perhaps even Kentucky 31,which doesn't like the heat(not sure how hot it gets in your area) and will thin out,leaving clumps of plants across your lawn.I'm guessing you don't have an irrigation system in place,which would explain the grass thinning when it's hot.I've seen it down here and I will not install fescue on property where there is no irrigation.
    With that said,overseed and install a sprinkler system.You may need to overseed again in the fall,and subsequently,any areas that thin out during summers down the road.
    Good luck.

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