yard is flooded, underground only

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by bobbygedd, Jul 22, 2002.

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    never saw this, i dont know what to do: a client who under full serve with us new this season asked to have some landscaping done. a bed along the side of the house with some shrubbery, stone, mulch etc. directly accross they had installed last year a row of arbs, 3 died, i was to replace the 3 . during prep the first thing we did was remove the dead arbs, and wow, they were in a pool of water, they are not all in a row, so one lived one died, 3 lived one died, etc. ok, i remove the 3 leaving 3 big holes(trees are about 14 ft tall) now i have 3 holes completely filled with water. i get the lady and show her , tell her i think its a sprinkler line broke. well, we hold job for a few days, the holes never dried up. she is only watering 20 min every other day(against my recommendation) and we have had no rain, and its been 95 here for weeks now. so, i can eliminate bad drainage. we turned off the main feed to the sprinklers, and went back 3 days later, holes filled up again. i dont want to landscape if there needs to be repair work done underground, as not to disturb the new landscape. anyone have any idea whats doing this? when i say these holes stay full, i mean like 15 gal of water in each one. when i remove the water, it comes right back. thaNX
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    It is hard to say without seeing the topo. Is she on Septic or Sewer? Is there a swimming pool around? Think of anything pertaining to water. Are you sure it is not an irr. line. Sometimes water will leach out of the soil very slowly. Does their neighbor have a irr. syst, etc. Is their water bill exceptionally high? is there neighbors. It is very difficult to say. Try those . There is a possiblity it could be a natural spring below? Again, I cannot really say for sure. Let us know the outcome. Water is very strange, when it starts moving undergound. one more thing comperssor pumps have been known to put out a large amount of water. Is her A/C unit close by?
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    I'm having a similiar problem on the lower 2/3s of a slope. The ground just doesn't dry out at the base , despite the drought. We suspect an underground spring or a leaky and/or abandoned main water line. It's a real pain because the original plant list was for plants that want good drainage and now we have to find plants that give the same effect but will withstand wet feet. Not to mention that if it is a water line leak, EVENTUALLY the town will have to fix the problem and then the site will be dry. Good luck!
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    the area is uphill from the pool, the air conditioner no where nearby and also down hill from the area. ill sure let u know the outcome, if its ever resolved.
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    Sounds like the water table is not that deep. I feel bad for her if she has a basement.

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