Yard Marvel aerators

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason, Apr 12, 2000.

  1. Jason

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    I visited the Yard Marvel factory today. Looked at their aerators. Seem to be built well. A few things I liked are rear castering wheels, the plugger teeth are cam driven, so they go straight into the lawn and pull the plug straight out, so no tearing. The engine and drive are centered on the machine so no worries about lean on inclines. Plus the factory is located right in my market city so no worry about parts.<p>Curious if anybody has used one of these before and what you think of them.<p>I also looked at a Ryan for about the same price, and have used a classen. Right now kind of leaning toward the yard marvel.
  2. John Deere

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    We have a yard marvel Power rake. When I first bought it used (in a package equipment deal)I thought yard marvel? Never even heard of them. Just thought it was going to be a junk piece. 3 years later we use it everday in march and april about 3-8 times a day. I love it! It is an excellent piece of equip. Built very strong and made to last.
  3. Jason

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    JD,<p>According to the Yard Marvel literature, they've been in business since 1955. So they must be doing something right. The factory is fairly small, I walked in off street, the president of the company greeted me and showed me around. Their equipment looks solid, plus prices not too bad. Sounds like your powerrake has been a good unit.

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