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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by marthastewartoflawns, Nov 8, 2006.

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    I am conducting research on yard maintenance and the DIFM consumer (do it for me) consumer. Can you please provide your perspective?
    My questions:
    1. Are more consumers hiring you to do yard maintenance jobs (other than mowing)--hedge trimming, leaf collection, yard cleanup?
    2. How would you describe the customer who hires you for these yard maintenance services?
    3. What kinds of yard maintenance services do you offer?
    4. Is there a dealer that you work with that sells/services your yard maintenance equipment in the field? (Hilti does this in the construction industry)What would you think about a dealer that offers to sell or service your equipment at your site vs. their site?
    Thank you for your time and insight!
  2. TNT LawnCare Inc.

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    Yes to question #1 2.Mostly all of my clients don't have time to do the service's you've described thats why they hired me. #. All the ones you have described and more. 4. Would'nt make a difference to me my dealers are only 10-15 minutes away .
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    Fore me .... if I cut your hedges .... I cut your grass ..... but not so if I just cut your grass ..... I may not be trimming your hedges

    As a Lawn & Landscape Maintenance company .... I think that describes what services I offer .....but ALL service start with mowing ....n ALL services are on a yearly contract ....paid month in month out ....12 months each year ....NO single cuts or Bi weekly

    We perform all aspects related to Lawn & Landscape Maintenance ....n if I don't do it ... I'll sub it out

    As far as the dealer coming out in the field .... HA .... either that dealer is VERY slow or going out of business ... I'm not talking about delivery of a new mower or picking one up under warranty ....only too be taken back to the shop n me pick it up later .... sure

    But the dealer service tec coming out to the site .... think about that one

    Only way that could fly is .... charge a service visit (ie drive time) ....schedule service ....(ie set up a day ...but someone would have to be there ....so I'm paying someone to watch)
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    #1 Yes. More and more each year, for more and more types of jobs.
    #2 Retired men/women, professional men/women
    #3 Everything except spraying/fertilizing...also no tree trimming/removal
    #4 No. Sounds great but my dealer is small time like me, cant see him doing it.

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