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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Pet Domestic, May 3, 2014.

  1. Pet Domestic

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    Thanks for all the help. Through cold calls I've made about 5 partner landscapers out of 100 with no kickback offered. Often the response is "Actually, none of our lawns have NO dog poop!"

    Possibly the financial incentive might improve my results? :clapping:
  2. PicturePerfectLawns

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    Ethan, I say it never hurts to try. I know what you mean, some customers are more then happy to help us out as service providers when we do a good job, are fair, and they are happy with our work ethics whether it be in lawn care, landscaping, or poop scooping. I have several customers that have told me the same thing. "You know you can put a sign in our front lawn." There are good customers and good people out there and I have a few the same way. If you can get a few to agree, what do you have to lose? 25% of your profit for potential customers? I would think more along the lines of 10%, 15% to please the customer. But I do see where you are coming for. Run your numbers, see what number works best for you and give it a shot. I have customers that would allow me to do it free, on the other hand I would still give them the 15% on the bill.
  3. Blade Runners

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    Design a slick sign/wording and save a customer money. They will most likely go for it.

    What ever made you think to get into poop scooping? I mow yards with 6" of grass that hides the poop and I just can't imagine doing this job. I know pets are normally big biz so maybe I am missing something here.
  4. PicturePerfectLawns

    PicturePerfectLawns Banned
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    Believe it or not I see a truck here locally for another Pooper Scooper. As much as I mow poop there should be plenty of business for it. I agree on using some slick wording.
  5. southerntide

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    Yeah that is absurd.

    Never used them we get a lot people just driving by or neighbors of customers say we do a great job and want theirs done.
  6. Pet Domestic

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    Our typical customer keeps their lawn well manicured, so the poop is rather quick and easy to find. I understand lots of people shudder at the thought of dog poop, which is why we're in business! Lots of services like plumbing, septic maintenance, custodial services have much dirtier jobs. We wear gloves and use a rake and dust bin to collect. The rake is disinfected each house, so there's no transmission risk.

    What do you do when a customer doesn't clean up after their dog? Ask them nicely, just deal with it, or fire the customer? I'm teaming up with lawn cutting services in Northern VA and MD/DC to make us all happier. :)
  7. Pet Domestic

    Pet Domestic LawnSite Member
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    The challenge for poop scoopers is education. Someone driving by a beautiful lawn thinks, "Wow, look at that lawn, I wonder who maintains it?" But no one drives by that same lawn with dogs on it and thinks "I wonder who picks up all that poop?" ha. But the need is there.

    I'm happy to offer aggressive discounts because I'm a new business looking to get established in my market. I have a minimal marketing budget, and want to keep that overhead as low as possible. Less spending by me mean less by my customers and more business!
  8. JimsLocalLawn

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    TruGreen does it - and without asking or applying a discount.

    If your looking for good signs - check signsonthecheap.com ! I ordered 100 of the 18x24 double sided signs for $300 which included shipping. They have a small 12 x 18 special, 100 of them for $99. You can't get much cheaper than that!
  9. Pet Domestic

    Pet Domestic LawnSite Member
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    Interesting. I'm thinking the small sign route with no discount may be a good way to go. Here's another TruGreen sign going into the ground.

    trugreen sign.jpg
  10. tonygreek

    tonygreek LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you're planning on putting the signs in yards, without permission, what is your rationale? TruGreen has a reason to do so. (not sure why they were singled out - i don't know any apps companies who don't put signs out)

    Although, it might fun to have your signs with the same "don't let your pets on here for 24 hours" warnings. :) Definitely record those phone calls.

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