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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Kylec3, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    lawn cutting ask your customer if you can put it up a week or 2 before you start.

    Put it up when you get to the job and ask to leave it up a couple of days.

    Most of the time it it cheaper for them to throw it out then drive back to pick it up.
  2. Kylec3

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    for 20 9x14 signs im paying $6 a sign full color. cheaper the more you buy

    for 2 magnets at 16x24 im paying $34 each

    this is what i ended up going with instead of putting 'quality landscaping by' just because the signs will be used for multiple situations

  3. spitfire3416

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    it's nice.. i would personally do away with the website though and make the phone number BIGGER. i notice guys who have the most success with their lawn signs have their phone number being the biggest (or at least one of the biggest) items on their signs. think about it, your driving down the street, ohh costellooooos, landscaingggg, aaaand the number? too late, they already drove by the sign. most people don't have good eye sight either. i know i don't. i see signs all the time for various services and i'm rarely ever able to read the number before i drive by it.
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    So you know, I would not expect those signs to last very long where ever you stick them. They always get stolen or removed. I would not be spending $6/sign for full color. The better alternative is a choroplast one color, two sided, screen printed version of the same size. For 250, itll run just over $2/sign. ALso, with these signs, less is more! Your potential consumer has to read it quickly and only cares about what you can do for them, not who you are.

    Veteran graphic designer, marketing, and turf guy.
  5. magicmike

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    looks good who designed your logo? Also I would use the same font in your logo for the whole design. Your website and phone number looks as if it might be a different font. If this is possible i think it might look even better.
  6. lawnguy01

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    From a design aspect, you do not want the font in your logo to match any other font in the design. You'd want it to remain exclusive to the logo.
  7. magicmike

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    Well from a person who is looking at the design aspect, I think it wil look better if the fonts were matching. Even as I look as a John Deere advertisement below all the fonts are matching. So I don't know who's designer aspect you are going off of.
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  8. Kylec3

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    created logo myself....along with the website i created myself....had some down time this winter and took on the challenge
  9. lawnguy01

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    Actually, i'm going off of a bachelors degree in graphic design and marketing. John Deere does not use the font that is in their logo as body text for anything. It doesnt look like Vangaurd does either. The font you use in a logo is part of the brand recognition. If it is used elsewhere in the design, it reduces the effectiveness of the branding and the overall look of the logo.
  10. tonygreek

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    Agree with lawnguy01. You don't just match fonts. You can echo them in appropriate spots, but you don't just blanket something with the same font. That's Design & Typography 101. When it comes to examining ads or web content, don't let a sans-serif font lead you to think it's the same font.

    As for the suggestion of dropping the domain name, that's a terrible idea. If anything, you should drop the grass background to make the domain name more pronounced. Across all web properties, I see significantly more contacts via web than phone. It's not even close. Without the web address, you would absolutely reduce the number of potential customer touches you would otherwise receive.

    (if needed, i have a b.s. in marketing and 18 years of deep design/marketing/branding experience)
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