Yard Signs or Door Hangers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by SB Lawn Care LLC, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. RigglePLC

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    OK it is probably not possible. Is there a company that can do it--or any way possible--to include about 10 tiny petunia seeds glued to a sales brochure? Or flyer for hand passing?
    Your guys aren't busy this month, right?
    Suppose, you put a dot of glue, on the last paragraph of your brochure--and then put pinch of petunia seeds on the spot --allowing the rest to fall back into your big bowl of seed.
    Or one zinnia seed or some kind of specially good seed. Butterfly plant? Grass seed? Seeds of mole-chasing plant? For simplicity, the customer cuts off the last paragraph and buries it in her garden.

    Of course, helpful printed lawn and garden information and tips (perhaps customized for your town) would be far easier. Would your potential customers appreciate knowing the average last and first frost dates for your town? Growing zone? Best times to plant flowers, or when to prune roses? How to water grass for reduced disease?
    Anything to get the potential sales lead to hang onto the mailer or flyer.
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    i just told a client of mine that is very limited now in income, that within her large circle of friends, that for every three clients that she refers to me that stay on with commitment, i will give her a free cut.. so in essence, if she were to get me 30 clients, she gets 10 free cuts.. to me, that kind of investment to her is worth it in the long run for the company.
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    Thank you everyone!
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  4. Michael Ray

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    Used Adeas printing last year to do yard signs. Most business leads came from those signs. Minimal investment, minimal time invested, biggest lead creator.
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    The people that respond to these types of ads will either be very interested or very annoyed. Door hangers ok but if you put a sign in my lawn, I would whoop you.
  6. Doc8406

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    i am seriously thinking of doing this as well.. i have a great graphic artist that does yard signs.. he is the guy i commissioned to design my logo..
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    To be clear, I put mine in well traveled "common" areas. Corners near road signs etc. If you see a large gathering of signs that means the "owner" of the land doesn't mind them. Plop yours down and make sure it stands out.... boom.... a long lasting ad placement that people will notice. Keep it simple. Mine has a small logo with distinct colors and only says "Lawn Care" and my phone number.
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