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    If you feel your order is not living up to the expectations from your last, definitely let a customer service representative know as soon as possible. 1-800-328-4009

    Since our products will have varied results depending on your area, results for some will not be the same for everyone. Feel free to speak with your sales representative regarding some options. Places with high humidity/moisture will always be a challenge. It is quite possible that you may need to rethink your strategy for the sign. What we mean by this is that sometimes, something as simple as making the sign size smaller or changing the stake can have a huge impact on longevity. Generally, each case is individual to you as a customer. Let us work with you on a resolution.

    The issue that Turfwerks mentioned regarding the stake sounds very unusual. If you or anyone else that may have encountered a questionable batch of stakes, please contact customer service. They will most likely ask you to email pictures/mail us a sample. We would certainly like to see what you are seeing and replace the product if necessary.

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    I Don't think that where you live at has any thing to do with sings drooping after 24 hrs . As far as the stake yes lots of curved ones I have another loc that uses sings like mine don't know how makes them[ just a square ] they last for a long time. next time I get sings I find out how long they will last before I buy some people will leave them stand for as long as they last.

    Charles Cue
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    We are having issues from Rnd yard signs as well. I thought someone was ripping the sign away from the stakes but it must just be the paper cardboard they are using. They won't stay on the stake for more than 24/48hrs. I love the design and artwork but wish they would stay up longer.
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    I just received signs from RND 3 weeks ago and they are the same as always for me. As far as the sticks I have had maybe 4 that are curved beyond use out of 8000 I have ordered.
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    My stick issue is breaking them when I try and straighten them.. Im probably getting 1 a day maybe 2.. But my flags are still limp and folded over in 24 to 48 hours.. My solution for the folding over is to go with a bigger sign and have the stick run through it and clip in the top part.. when I re order.
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    agreed.......best buy for the $

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