Yardbook / Stripe Failing to Process Payments Made From Android Devices?


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Middle Tennessee
Is anyone else experiencing this? Using Yardbook's / Stripe's integrated system I am continuing to have persistent customer payment failures when they attempt payment via an android platformed mobile device. They are not getting a declined message or otherwise being informed the the payment process has not completed. When I follow up about past due payment and they attempt from a desktop or apple device there is success and they receive a confirmation email. This has been an ongoing issue and despite multiple support requests I have had no resolve. Stripe refers me to Yardbook and Yardbook refers me to stripe. This is beginning to cause friction with customers and an incredible amount of additional admin time on my end not to mention the interruption in cash flow. I need someone to address this issue at Yardbook and have provided multiple live examples with customers permissions to be explored but to no resolve. I am hoping for some acknowledgement of a patch in progress before leaving the platform because I otherwise love the product. One time they told me to have my customer clear the cookies / cache on their phone.... So I'm supposed to call a bazillion people each week before emailing their invoice and ask them to wipe their phones???? Hoping someone else on here may have some insight or we can at least all take a moment to submit a support ticket so they can no longer ignore it. Thanks!

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