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  1. shane772

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    I'm no computer genius but everything works great for me. I haven't needed to do anything that it couldn't do or I couldn't find a work around. I had to give several receipts to customers too, I just printed out the invoice before leaving the house then left them at the front door, not a problem. I got my first credit card payments last week, my customers LOVED that option. Thanks Mark, great product in my opinion!
  2. OakNut

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    Waiting for a tutorial on recurring services because it didn't work the first time I entered multiple properties and it didn't work the second time I tried it while following the instructions provided - the first cut on each does not show up for billing purposes.

    Obviously I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what.
    I'm about three weeks behind in entering things because it's not worth the aggravation to have them all screwed up and have to go back and correct each of them.
  3. Unraveller

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    That's terrible.

    Only software on the site that seems consistently positive (don't even care abou versus paidl), and I can't use it. I imagine it's tied the sponsorship nature (why would advertisers pay for people who can't buy, etc). But you'd probably be better served offering a paid model for outside users, or increasing your subscriber base and then expanding the advertising later.

    I imagine most customers, like me, will choose a software, and stick with it for years on end. So any barrier-to-entry is bad.
  4. Unraveller

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    I just created a phony address and logged in.

    I LOVE the interface, just remove the restriction that makes me choose a US state for customers, and I can make it work!
  5. Yardbook

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    Hi OakNut,

    The Tutorials we sent you last week should cover what you need. I would suggest Tutorial 500 to focus on Recurring Jobs and Tutorial 101 to help you find an invoice workflow that works best for your business operations.

    If you have specific support requests, please email support@yardbook.com

  6. Yardbook

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    Hi Shane772,

    Thanks for your kind words! I’m glad you like the credit card payment processing feature. I hope it’ll make things easier for both you and your customers.

  7. shane772

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    Mark, Thank YOU for offering this for FREE! Got another credit card payment today, WOOT!
  8. RichardC

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    after a discussion in another thread regarding paper records vs online, i opted to try yardbook out. about a month into it now, and i love it, and have had good response from my customers as well. after this season, i think i'll totally ditch the paper records. emailing invoices to my customers is much easier and professional than leaving a bill on the door, or in the mailbox, etc. for those that prefer, i can still print out an invoice and either mail it or hand it to them.

    i havent even looked into the scheduling parts, or the CC processing, but i dont see how i wont like those either.

    thanks for offering this up for free, and also for the super quick responses when i email with questions.
  9. 360lawncare

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    It really is a great program! My customers all love the ease of paying online.. Just like one customer said.. Bout time the lawn guy gets with the modern age.. Lol
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  10. jeeperscrow

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    I'm loving Yardbook too! I just need to transfer all the info to my computer just in case something were to happen, because I'd be lost without it at this point.

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