Yards of Dirt?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Husker1982, Mar 19, 2003.

  1. Husker1982

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    I have a propert with 88075sqft that i need to put topsoil on 2 inches thick. What is an easy way to figure how many yards of dirt I will need for this.
  2. I estimate 1 yard will cover 150 sq ft - 2" deep
    88075 divided by 150 = 587 yards
  3. Mykster

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    I got 545yds.

    Get a project calculator. They work great. I couldn't live without mine.

  4. Myksters calculation is more accurate. If you do the math 162 sq ft per yard 2" deep is more accurate. On a big job it makes an obvious difference and could mean getting the job or not. My 150 # is used on 1-3K sq ft lawns.
  5. Alan

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    Both calculations are right as far as the formuals go,, but neither is going to yield 2" of prepared topsoil over that area.

    You will be buying material that is loaded "by eye", ie: that bucket holds "about" 1 yd, that truck holds "about" 16 yds maybe 18 if you "heap" it.

    You're going to buy yardage "on the truck" and have to sell it placed. You will lose 10%, minimum, to compaction and other factors.

    I once saw that demonstrated to perfection when I was involved in raising grade one foot on a building that covered 27,000 square feet. That's a perfect 1,000 yds, IN PLACE, but it took a bit over 1,100 truck yards of material to do it. To be safe you should allow for 40, 15 yd loads and I'd be inclined to go with 42 loads, 630 yards if it was really fluffy material. If it's the right sort of material it gains quite a lot of air when it gets loaded.

    If you doubt you lose that much, lay down your 2" layer and then walk onit,, see how deep your footprints are. If you leave a 1/4" footprint you're losing over 10% to compaction.
  6. greenman

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    I came up with 554.546 cu.yds.
  7. neighborguy

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    please mentally attach sarcasm before reading the following line.

    You most likely aren't ordering any dirt at all but soil.

    I got yelled at for the first year that I was in landscaping about the difference. So I am stuck for the rest of my life forcing it onto other people.
  8. gslam88

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    I used stecks website, http://www.atstecks.com/topsoil.htm

    and was around 550.... which could be around 20K...

    my first question if this is in the budget.... just wondering...

  9. paponte

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    :dizzy: 20K!!! :dizzy: What are you out of your mind?!?!? If you pay that much for topsoil, I have a sh** load to sell you!! :D
  10. gslam88

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    Ok Paponte,

    Then what would you pay for 550 yards of topsoil? ...sorry just also recheck by math... 550 by 18-21 per yard would be $9,900 to $11,550. However your still talking a lot just to add to a budget if its 10k in product.


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