Yards per day, as a 1 man show?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SouthernLawnCareTexas, Mar 27, 2012.

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    I am just wondering as a 1 one man show how many accounts people are able to do in 1 day and what is the average price or size for your accounts?

    I was I guess what you would call "a victim of his own success" story. I started out mowing my neighbors yard with a borrowed push mower and people liked the job I did. I have since grown to 15 accounts with my own full set up, legal business, and a couple small commercial jobs with only word of mouth advertising in a short time frame.

    That being said, I am 19 and a full time collage student (degree:business administration) and mostly cuts after class. On days I have class I can usually fit in 3 to 5 accounts a day after class with my average price per accounts at $55.66 per cut. I have about a 50/50 ratio of what I personally call "large(take over 1.5 hours)" to "small(under 1.5 hours)" accounts. On a day with no school I can do between 6 to 10 yards all full service jobs. For funnsies I am just wondering how I compare to others. Also, my first post!
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    Your number of cuts and avg price are going to vary widely. Different areas of the country have different 'average' pricing, lot sizes vary widely, type of lot, (corner, middle-of-street, sidewalks, no sidewalks, fences, etc etc) type of customer (little old lady on a budget living in a lower-middle income house who wants it cut short with no frills VS. higher income homeowner with irrigation system, nice landscaping, wants meticulous work, etc)

    Also, the type of equipment you use will greatly impact the time spent on each job. A push mower vs a 48 inch dual-hydro walk behind, pro trimmer vs curved shaft homeowner trimmer, etc etc... these all affect the time spent per job.

    That said, with a 48 in dual hydro wb with sulky, pro trimmer, backpack blower, I can unload, mow, trim, edge, blow clean, and reload a 1/4 acre (11k sf) level subdivision house lot with no fence and a small number of trees/beds in about 40-45 minutes solo. That's good pavement edges, (if previously edged) and striped nicely. So, with an average of 5 minutes drive time between jobs means, in theory, I could do 10 of these per 8 hour day. (It rarely works that way- wet grass, a talkative customer, soda run, gas fillups, etc all cut into your time)

    Your $55 avg price is what we get for about 1/2 acre lawns here- medium sized lawns. 1/4 acre more like $35-40.
  3. SouthernLawnCareTexas

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    I didn't think about the difference in equipment size and so on. ;) Was on the mind set of a 50''-60'' zero turn, a mid size walk behind, a 21'' self propelled, trimmers, and so on being the standard due to the fact that most 1 man shows around me run a similar setup.
  4. 1whitetail

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    What setup do you have?
  5. phlandscaping

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    I can't help it sorry, "college" many people mix up the spelling but it doesn't really matter anyway... You already have your own business and you don't really need to spell to get the work and money that comes from it. On the real note, I'd agree by yourself you can do 10 accts per day, but why not have a college friend help you out and knock out close to 20? After all, you raise the hourly rate for yourself and when you begin installs or mulch jobs you really do well. Our avg rate is $40 for a quarter acre, so with that math before expenses your hourly rate is $50 if working by yourself, or $88 for yourself with a laborer (@ $12 an hr including workmans comp SS...). That's just the mowing aspect of it.
  6. bel-nor

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    The most with ready to roll out conditions is 8 lawns that are 9k to 15k. This is the top so far. Just started using a helper because of the early season, several new customers, and a few cleanups. The helper cuts my time by 50% on average. He works for city forestry and refuse with basic knowledge of handheld tools.
  7. BOSS LAWN 2343

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    Like previously stated, it really all depends on your set up and if you have help or not.

    Me (solo) - 7-12 average sized lots (no fences, open, few trees)

    Help - 12-15 average to large lots (same as above)
  8. ptjackson

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    additionally proximity of one job to another would have a big impact.
  9. MTenterprises

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    I can do 8 to 10 residential and commercial on a good day Solo. All within a 25 mile radius. I don't waste time and I don't cut corners. I work quickly and efficiently. I think it's fun and challenging to race the clock. :usflag:
  10. dieseltech

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    Im around 8 maybe 10 medium size customers in a day. I too do my business as quickly as possible with possibly one break in between. These would be in a 15mi radius and using either a 52"z or a 36" metro. All trimmed, edged and blown clean
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