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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by cutting edge, Mar 12, 2001.

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    I am looking for any advice or potential problems I might run into removing some yaupons. The shrubs are about 13 years old and have already been cut off about a foot or so from the ground. There is also 13 year old weed barrier down around the shrubs that is to be removed also. One problem I have already seen is that the new runners have established an elaborate root system on top of the weed barrier. The bed joins the house and the electric meter is on this wall. The power is run to the house under the ground and through this bed. Is there a chance that the roots of the yaupon might be entangled around the power line? I have removed boxwoods of this size before, but I am not familiar with the root system of this size yaupons. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    probably what you should do is call your local utility company or whoever you have to call and have them mark any lines around this area. then go in and if there is nothing in the immediate area maybe you can pull it with your truck and an axe to maybe cut down on the size a bit. or you could use a small stump cutter. the little husky things. but still get the utility company to mark the lines. from there you should be able to tell if you can pull it with the truck or use a stump cutter. the stump cutter will do that thing no problem. however if you gotta plant something in its place then you are gonna have to pull it. and that requires either a truck or a small earth moving machine. i would say though that your best bet is going to be with the hydrostumper. good luck
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    I agree to have the utility companies mark their lines if applicable before you begin your excavation.

    I helped some friends out in Greensboro NC last summer on an Landscape Enhancement. It required moving eight of these Yaupon Hollies. Piece of advice for you is that these specimens can spread from 8-12 in width so be prepared for some extensive root excavation.

    We dug around them by hand to expose the rootballs and whenever possible used a kubota to help remove the root balls. These shrubs were approximately 3.5-4ft in height and took two laborers by hand around an hour to an hour and a half to dig them up.

    When we had finished the removal(should say excavation):( of these shrubs, there were approximately 2ft deep holes where the root balls had been approximately 6ft in diameter.

    Good Luck this season!
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    Thanks for the replies. I finally decided that I would pass on this job, too many chances for something to go wrong.

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