Yazoo 3-wheeled out-front mower questions

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by landcruiser, Feb 8, 2003.

  1. landcruiser

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    I have the opportunity to buy 2 Yazoo mowers that are of the 3-wheeled dedicated rider design with a 72" outfront deck. They are both identical and powered by 25hp Kohler engines. I will post model and serial numbers below if you need them. One has 1100hrs, the other 1250hrs. I want to know the positives and negatives of these mowers - mainly mechanically how they hold up. Are they tough? Are the hydro transaxles on them of weak design or tough units? I know these machines are long and hard to haul and look terrible - I don't care about all that. I want to know about their reliability, if they cut well and will they last a long time? Are these 25hp Kohler V-twin motors the ones bad about blowing head gaskets? What (roughly) are these mowers worth? They both seem to run well, pull strong and I engaged the blades and they sounded smooth although I did not get to mow with them.

    Drive unit information:
    Model # - both are YTK C25
    ser # - 51970583

    Deck info:
    model # - PSR72

    Transaxle info:
    model # - 2006-082

    Motor info:
    model # - CH25S
    spec # - 68533
    ser # - 2507910367

    Can I tell from any of the above #'s what year these were produced? Thanks for any information on these you can give.
  2. I ran old Yazoo and old Howard Price.

    None of the were designed to do anything but cut grass.

    They cut the grass and which ever way it got out of the deck it went.
  3. juststartin

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    What year how much?
  4. landcruiser

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    Lawngodfather, what exactly do you mean that the Yazoo weren't designed to do anything but cut grass? That's all I want them for. Did they cut well? Is the 25hp Kohler powerful enough for the 72"deck? I have a 98 model Toro Groundsmaster 325D (25hp Mitsubishi) with a 72" Recylcer deck - will this model Yazoo cut as well as it? Are the 25hp Kohlers reliable or will they constantly give me trouble?
  5. landcruiser

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    from Tx
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    juststartin, I don't know the year (that's one of the questions I asked above) and I am bidding on them so I have no idea how much $.
  6. lee b

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    If you can get them cheap, don't worry about the motors. You can always put new 27hp Kohlers on them, more power and no headaches.
  7. landcruiser

    landcruiser LawnSite Member
    from Tx
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    Lee Blount, for my intentions, putting new motors on them isn't an option. I will try to buy both of them, resell one and keep the other for my personal use. I don't mow commercially. What, in particular, goes fatally wrong with the older 25hp Kohlers? Are these Yazoo YTK C25 models any good? What do you call getting them cheap(approx.)?
  8. lee b

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    Older 25hp Kohlers had problems blowing head gaskets. They usually did this during the break-in period. With over 1000 hours you're past this issue, of course if they weren't maintained well, they're getting close to replacement time, well maintained they have alot of life left. As far as cheap, with the hours on them, I wouldn't give over $1200 to $1500 each, if they perform great and look decent. If you don't think their worth putting new motors on them, don't buy 'em.
  9. They cut it, that's it.

    They don't shoot the grass 20' to discharge it and spread out the clippings.

    They will cut grass pretty good, but they are an "old" design.

    I ran both with 30hp wisconsons on them, 25ho should do it, but nothing like a 4 banger.
  10. Envy Lawn Service

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    What you sid about the Wisconsin engine rattled my marbles a bit. I pull out the classifieds and went right to it. There is one in there with a Wisconsin engine and 60" deck for $1,100. What the heck is a Wisconsin engine????

    Also I mentioned on another thread that my dealer picked up 2 of the Yazoo/Kees 3- wheelers. One is an 18hp 52" that I believe has 400+ hours on it. It's a Yazoo Master Mower. The other is called a Yazoo/Kees which means it must be a newer model. That's about all I remember about that one though.

    I'm going to go back an check them out just because I'm curious now....

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