Yazoo Kees Mid-Max 4818 vs Snapper FastCut XL 4821

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by ZGuy, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. ZGuy

    ZGuy LawnSite Member
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    These mower dealers always seem to have something to muddy the waters. The two units below have been recently discounted and I wanted to know if the forum had some opinions.

    - Snapper Fastcut XL ZT2148 $4500 + Tax
    * 21HP Briggs Vanguard V-Twin
    * Dual pumps and wheel motors
    * 48" Fab deck 7Ga

    - Yazoo/Kees MID-MAX 4818 (2004 left over) $4250 + Tax
    * 18HP Briggs InTek V-Twin
    * Dual pumps and wheel motors
    * 48" Fab Deck 7Ga

    They both appear to be solid machines and the ride on both of them is very good, the YZ is slightly better probably because of bigger rear tires.

  2. ZGuy

    ZGuy LawnSite Member
    Messages: 11

    Still looking for useful input on the above. I am probably going for the Yazoo barring any new info, but would welcome input. I have read the threads concerning Yazoo's support, seems like it is a hit or miss depending on the dealer. I think this dealer is OK, but who knows until you have a problem.


    Thank you
  3. dfischer

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    from Il
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    17 hp intek vs 21 hp Vanguard?

    Not really equal et?

    so much else to it, but 17hp isn't a lot, and the intek doesn't impress me. If the engine choice is representative of the entire package...

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