Yazoo/kees or Great Dane


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I'm going to take a look at two mowers on Saturday. Yazoo/Kees 52" 25 hp Z for $6800 and a Great Dane Chariot JR 48" 19 hp for $6600. Both new, of course. Anybody have any comments on either of them. Any features I should look at when I get there. I have a couple of accounts that have a pretty good slope on them with landscaping to manuever around on these slopes. Thanks, Bill


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First, which did you like best?<p>I own a Y/K ZTMax with a 61&quot; deck, 25hp. I haven't had any real problems with it. It cuts most everything I want it to and does a good job. It is quite similar to the Exmark and has some parts interchangablity with the Lazer which gives you another outlet for parts if needed. I paid $7100 for it and $6800 for the 52 seems reasonable. The tires aren't that great and if you decide to purchase the Y/K let me know, I found a place to get a good deal on turf tires.<p>I prefer the controls on the Y/K. Check the warranties as well. Mine has a 2 year full warranty, I don't know about the Great Dane. You are also getting a 6 hp advantage on the Y/K, which may or may not be overkill. <p>Last thing, try both on your properties if possible. If they are at different dealers, judge which one offers better service.<br>


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I have a Great Dane Chariot with a 52&quot; Kohler. What you are talking about is the Chariot, Jr. I believe. To compare apples to apples you need to look at the Chariot 52&quot;. Make sure you TEST DRIVE both. I have really had good service out of my Dane. It has a low center of gravity and hangs to hills really well. I feel secure on mind when handing hills. My mower will run 10mph and cut grass that fast as long as it is not to high. Great Dane is well built. All the metal is 7 gauge steel. Dane has been in the business now for about 3 or 4 years. They are a new company, but the designer is Dan Scags, Scags mowers. Try them both out, but compare apples to apples because I believe the 19 hp engine is not a twin cylinder which the 25 hp Kohler is.<br>


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I know I'm late with this but I just bought a Great Dane 61&quot; 25 hp for 6900.00 including mulch plate and extra blades with 16 hours on it, it is awsome! I've mowed things that I didnt know could be mowed so fast and so good. I looked at the y/k last year and wasnt impressed it looked ok but just didnt seem right, cant give you any specs but just didnt. Also local service ment a lot to me, next day on any part. And first out service to boot.<br>Only commercial machines in town are snapper and Great Dane but Skag and gravely are only 30 min away y/k toro exmark everything else an hour or so.

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In regards to the Great Dane and the Scag mowers they are the same company just like Exmark and Toro. Even the new Scag Cougar uses the center mounted joystick just like the Great Dane. Thet also both have the same mailing address.

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