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    I am starting a lawn/snowplowing business up.Been looking at a ZT MAX by Yazoo or a Exmark lazer.Been leaning towards the yazoo because of cost.I don't know anything about yazoo.Is it a good machine
    to start out with?What would you recomend for a blower?I am going with shindaiwa
    for a string trimmer and a scag 36".
    I will be doing residential and a few commercial.Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. awm

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    its been hard to keep up with. but i think last i heard .
    yazoo kees is the same now. i think i heard that husquevarna
    has it all now so they are pretty much the same.
    i looked at them a while back,and they looked to be on par with the other z out there.all this is not to be taken as facts . just what i think i heard ,was going dn.
    as far as the lazer goes u cant go wrong there.
    its just a quality machine. at full price u still come out ahead.
  3. MuskTurfKing

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    Just remember whatever you decide on, you get what you pay for, a mower may be cheaper but it's probably cheaper for a reason.

  4. eslawns

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    Yazoo/Kees is owned by Husqvarna, and their mowers (both) are excellent. Husky offers a Preferred Landscaper program, so their version of the Yazoo may be much less. My dealer sells both and the Husky was more than $1,000 less so that's what I bought.

    As far as trimmers and blowers go, if you stay away from the homeowner quality models, you really can't go wrong. Everybody has a preference of one kind or another, but they're all really good.
  5. The Good Earth

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    Yazoo/Kees are great mowers. I have a ZT Max and love it. No complaints at all with the mower. A company that I do sub work for runs the Husky. They love the Husky as well. No real difference in the Yazoo, Husky, or Exmark. Yazoo seems to be quite a bit cheaper, for no apparent reason. They are just as solid, if not more solid than the Exmark.

    My drawback to my Yazoo is my dealer. Make sure the dealer you are buying from will stock your parts and be more helpful than the piece of sh#$ dealer I bought mine from. My dealer is one of the largest John Deere dealers in the nation. I wouldn't consider any green and yellow tractor, ever, because of the crap this dealer has put me through with this mower.

    Sorry, had to vent a little on John Deere!! Got off on a little rant!!

    Anyway, if your dealer is easy to work with you won't be sorry with the Yazoo.
  6. accuratelawn

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    While the ZTMAX seems to be the same as a Lazer, take a look closely at the deck construction. Also the wheel motors and hydros are not as good as the Lazer.
    With that being said, I have a friend with a ZTMax. One season without any problems with his. 61 23 Kawasaki.
    We will see if it can keep up with my Lazer. Starting its forth season without any major problems. Belt, tires, clutch, deck bearings.... all of which I consider part of maintaining your equipment. 1900 hours and going strong.
    Cheaper is not always less expensive.
  7. Keith

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    We have had our 61" ZTMax for almost 3 years. Parts orders are slow and dealers are almost non-existent. But the good think is, it hasn't need much of anything. If you run into a bind, a quick trip to an Exmark/Toro dealer will likely land you the part you need ;)

    All in all it cuts well and has been a decent mower.
  8. Barker's Lawn Care

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    the shindawa t260 is the best thing ever. it's awsome and woth the $350 price tag

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