yBravo 25 as a gate and small lawn mower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by DA Quality Lawn & YS, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Looking to replace my Toro SRS 21" for postage stamp lawns and gates. After running a couple wheels right off it last year, it needs to be retired to my own lawn only.

    Wondering how the yBravo might do? Saw it at the GIE looks built like a tank, but maybe too heavy and bulky? How's the cut in damp northern spring grass?

    Want to add something in the 25-32 inch range that can also be used on tough to mow areas like steep slopes or soggy turf that does not rut or mess up said areas. My Vride 36 is fast and awesome but there are (on occasion) tricky areas that a lighter mower would be ideal.

  2. Blainethompson

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    It is heavy, it is built like a tank. My experience with mine at first was very frustrating. It was to fast for the blades to cut everything clean. Even in low gear. I bag everything and with the high lift blade it came with it just didn’t pick up or cut the way I wanted. I found a ybravo sales rep which had me purchase a slow down kit.
    Come to find out the Honda model which I had already had the slow down kit. I ended up getting in touch with one of the lead designers from ybravo in Cali and he custom machined drive pulleys to slow it down to proper speed. Also agreed with me that blade speed to drive speed was off but there was more demand for faster then cut quality. Solved the blade lift issue by increasing angle on blade sail. Picks up and cuts like a Dream now. As far as mulching, it’s horrible. Tried it one time with mulching blade and shoot blocker and it almost left more grass standing then it cut.
  3. BigJlittleC

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    Well I use mine as a main mower. Use the mulch blade and it cuts well for me. I have a few pics in my media if you care to look.

    I agree it can be too fast in some situations. But if you feather the bail you can make it go any speed between slow and to fast.

    It is heavy but balanced well if you let the machine do the work it's a dream. But if you try to manhandle it around you'll get beat.
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  4. JFGLN

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    We use smaller mowers = mostly smaller lawns.

    One yBravo
    6 Hondas 21"
    2 Exmark 30".

    The Hondas get used when wet. Exmark when dry, The Exmark and Honda have similar controls and wheelbase. The yBravo feels long and awkward and rarely leaves the shop.
  5. Blainethompson

    Blainethompson LawnSite Senior Member
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    I’m now sure what the deal was with my mulching set up the time I used it. Maybe it was the grass. Agreed it is very well balanced and I love using it now. With The thick St. Augustine yards i cut, feathering the bail on it the entire time just wasn’t an option. Plus feathering is doing nothing more then slipping the belt, given the plastic drive pulley on the transmission that’s going to create a lot of wear on the pulley. Don’t get me wrong, it had its problems and I had my issues with it when I first bought it. But it is my go to push mower now. I have the rear disharge shoot for it as well and use it a lot for mowing alleys and the one or two junk back yards I end up with from time to time. And FYI, mine is the older version with the black Honda hx216 motor. Starts first pull every time.
  6. Church2224

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    Has anyone used thew newer version? I might pick up the Bad Boy Version which is the same unit.
  7. Turf Tracer

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    I had the 25” out for a few days and hated it. Like the 30” Toro it’s too bulky to be an effective trim/push mower.

    Did buy the ybravo 21” which is a decent 21”.

    But Much prefer the Toro SR’s and Toro 22290 for push mowers. They light and easy to maneuver in tight areas and mulch great. And you can lift the SR’s if necessary.
  8. Valk

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    Mostly fescue here...
    How is side-discharging w/ the Y25? Do the clippings come out of the right side or through the back & to the left?
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  9. BigJlittleC

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    I have the gen 2 gray paint model. With the Kawasaki FJ180.
  10. Blainethompson

    Blainethompson LawnSite Senior Member
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    It’s a shoot that clips on where the bag would. 8-9” square. Turns down and to your left. It mows well, only problem, wish it was angled up slightly more because it wind rows pretty bad.

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