yBravo 25 mower update. Just ordered unauthorized blades. ;)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Exact Rototilling, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. Exact Rototilling

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    Not telling what blades until I run them.

    Any others who run the B25 with non OEM blades...?


  2. jsf343

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    I noticed you really do a lot of research and discussion of blades. I am just curious why? I figure your conditions are very similar to ours and with the deep deck the bravo offers it seems like air flow/bagging would not be an issue. Are you having issues with this or something else? I ask because I love hi-lift and deep deck mowers for bagging and am in the market for a larger residential (most likely the Exmark 30") but nobody seems to make them anymore other than bravo and now exmark, but the bagging reports seem less than encouraging. So I was trying to figure out if you are in search of the perfect hi-lift blade or what something else?
  3. Armsden&Son

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    Is that a jellyfish or a brain in your catcher?
  4. Exact Rototilling

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    It's a bread bag.

    Rapid ready for dog poop, nasty debris like...I don't want to mention that is best not run over.
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  5. Exact Rototilling

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    Yes a blade with just a bit more lift would be the ticket in a total down pour when bagging.

    I hate bagging with a passion. But when it rains I bag and I switch over to smaller lawns. I save the larger lawns for my BOP mowers.

    The higher lift commercial blades are better for bagging but it's NO yBravo 25 in really wet stuff.

    Simply put a higher lift blade on the yBravo25 will allow me to not double cut in a down pour.
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  6. jsf343

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    OK that was kind of what I figured. Double cuts? wow your times must be through the roof, I take it you are doing higher end yards? or maybe it is raining so much up there right now... that is why you are double cutting?

    Have you ever tried an accelerator bag for the rainy conditions? it gives you a ton more airflow. The problem I have is the stupid micro-cut Honda cuts everything so fine that it makes a grass flavored smoothie under the deck and then drops big grass turds everywhere on the way back to the trailer unless the deck is cleaned out first. Man I miss the old deep deck Honda's, which ever Engineer came up with the idea to take those away and go with micro-cut only here in the Northwest really needs to be forced to mow here in November and March full time for punishment, stupidity at its finest.

    anyway keep us informed on the blades, I am always reading and watching that info.
  7. lawnsaspire

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    Exact, what blades would you recommend for my Quick 36. I'm still using BOP stock blades from before they cam out with the newer ones. Their newer blades or someone elses? Thankss.
  8. lawnsaspire

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    Also what kind of footgear are you wearing walking all your lawns? Don't mean to rob your thread, but I'm interested in how you do your business.
  9. locallawncare.ca

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    It seems that Exact is always on the quest for the ultimate blade, I too have become more interested in blades and increasing performance in various conditions, here are some blades for a Toro 22156 that I found, first pic is the stock blade, middle one is a gator style high lift and the bottom one is some sort of mulching/lift blade, sorry I got off topic. These fit on toro and lawnboy mowers where the center of the blade is curved and not flat.





  10. Patriot Services

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    Anytime I see a thread that starts with Ybravo or blades you can bet dollars to donuts Exact is somewhere in it.
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