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Year #5 in biz


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springfield, mo
I started off with a push mower, a bent shaft trimmer and a hand held blower in the back of a ford ranger with just a hand full of customers. I then quickly bought a 5x8 utility trailer and bought my first ztr,( which I will not discuss because it was the biggest POS I have ever purchased.) My bro-n-law had a shindowa home pro 22t that he THOUGHT was locked up, that I fixed very easily and used for the next 2 years. Well biz picked up so I purchased a 2nd ztr, and once again did not know at that time what was good and what was a big POS!!! I also upgraded to a 6x10 trailer and purchased a bad ass shindowa 8510 back pack blower, a echo back pack, an echo trimmer, and another shindowa trimmer and also purchased 2 used 61" Jacobsen ztr's and traded in the Ranger for an f150 4x4 fx4. By the next season I traded in all my ztr's for NEW Bob Cats; 36walk,52,72. Used for a season, then traded in the 36&52 for a NEW 61 Bob Cat. Then found a 52 Exmark Turf Tracer. Oh, also found a STEAL of a deal on a NEW country clipper. So, this is my 5th year in biz and my equipment is; 6x16 trailer, 2 indowa trimmer, 2-redmax trimmers, 1-echo trimmer, 2-echo bkpk,1-shindowa bkpk, 36 cntry clpr walk, 52 Exmark trf trcr hydro wlak, 61 Bob pro cat, and a 72 predator pro and a 6x12 trailer for back up and for mulch. My buisness name is MOW, TRIM, BLOW & GO LLC and my matto is " I'll mow it like I own it " !