Year-round Begonias for shade

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  1. Yo

    I need some other suggestions besides Begonia odorata 'alba' for a shaded area that will be year round with red flowers.....

    I will use the alba, but need more color....


    other shade tolerant flowering plants
  2. Need a vine that can climb a banyan for shade that wont be too aggresive with too much maintenance....NEEDS FLOWERS!
  3. Ric

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    Beach Sun Flower

    Peace Lilly

    Dwarf Ruellia


    Shade and Flowers just don't mix.

    You might try varying texture and shades of green color.
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    coleus is a good way to get some color in the shade BUT its an annual so it wont fit your needs.
  5. Ric not quite sure beach sunflower works in shade....although it is a great plant.
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  6. Ric

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    The very name gave it away as a full sun plant, but I had to see if you were paying attention.

    Croton and Earth Star has some varigated leaves for year round color

    False Heather
  7. I have actually seem wodelia do great in shade.
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  8. Ric

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    It is spelled Wedelia and I already listed it.
  9. Thanks teach, I know that I was just saying that as an FYI to your listing.
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    Consider 'Mona Lavender' as an option with much color and few maintenance requirements. In flower beds with filtered sunlight it works extremely well as a background for Sweet Potato Vine (chartreuse).

    Another similar combination would be 'Persian Shield' with the same ornamental vine. Here's an example of the contrast:


    Agapanthus also does well in partial shade. Tight massing is recommended for impact.

    Being in S. FL. you should also look into heliconias and bromedias. There's a huge selection within those two genus.


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