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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rhowerton, Nov 6, 2003.

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    A lot of you guys say that the year round contract is the way to go. Since most of you seem to base your contract on 32 cuts, how do you make up for the extra 4-6 that you will have to do this year. By this, I mean do you have something in your contract stating if more than 32 then you will be billed extra or do you just absorb the loss.
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    All of my contracts are commercial and I base my contracts on 35 cuts and I also figure in the same amount of hours that a cut would take for an additional 5 weeks for cleanups, extra mows etc. the reat of the winter I figure 1/4 of the time as the other 40 weeks for every other week.


    Weekly mow and trim = 2 hours x 35 weeks = 70 hours
    other 5 weeks = 2 hours x 5 = 10 hours
    12 weeks x 1/4 of normal = .5 hours every other week = 3 hours

    Total for contract aprox 83 hours x $35 hour = $2905
    To this I add 5 hours for aeration and fertizing $175
    I also add costs for fertilizer $60 and dump fees of $65 for this property I using as the example Total For year of $3205
    = $267.08 and then round up to the nearest $25 = $275 per month

    I hope this helps on how I do it, I cannot speak for others but if you are on a contract I would assume it would be on the entire 12 months and not just a limited amount of mows !

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