Year round maintainance

I have been doing year round contracts with several of my accounts and feel this is the best direction to go. Are any of you doing this and what is your format for priceing. Mine is Total Maintainance (mulch, shrub trimming, mowing, snowplowing,)This seems to be the way to have income year round.


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We offer year round maintenance with both commercial & residential accounts. On commercial we do up a contract for all services and they pay a monthly bill, for residential we charge per the job. For a added income you might want to sell them optional items like aerating, dethaching, edging of beds and fertilizer programs. This will help make some more money for your company. If you do plowing like we do make up a contract that will protect you from things like loose or broken pavement. We are responsable to recondition lawn if damaged by plowing but are already added in as expense in contract. You should also make up a spec sheet showing what is included in contract and anything outside of spec sheet is done by a flat rate or hourly charge (this can help you if there is ever a disagrement)


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I just started out but have two year round jobs. Do everything from mowing to srub prunning. The only thing that i can advise is to get it in writing, because it seems every month the customer adds something to the list of jobs they expect to be done.


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Most of my accounts are year round. Since we don't any snow here in Alabama, in the winter I'm responsible for leaves, fallen limbs, and keeping the paved areas blown off. I have several different contracts. If your interested I can E-mail them to you. Please E-mail me if interested.

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Thanks for the offer, however I'm in Indiana about 45 munutes from Louisville Ky. about 60 minutes from Cinninatti Ohio. I would like info on how the people in my surounding area would put together a bid. (example) mowing,trimming,edgeing, mulch and landscape maintenance, snowplowing. I know it's a big order.