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Hi again, I had a long talk tonight with a frien of mine who took over a part timers business last year.........he is hurtin' right now because he had absolutely no yearly contracts.<p>For any of you that are just getting started it is imperative that you establish some year rounders early on, it will be winter before you know it! He is waiting on rain and I'm worried that when it starts raining I won't be able to keep up! I'm still working 6 days a week to stay ahead, my seasonal people aren't calling and thats hurtin the wallet some, but overall the money I was drawing in the winter is the same as what I'm making now! Stress to the potential customer that you won't take on seasonal work, you must set a year round price and make it fair for both parties. The guy I'm referring to is now looking for a part time job, I plan on giving him some work that I can't get to and maybe give him some of my yearly accounts because I'm trying to replace non irrigated lawns with the new ones I'm picking up from the poor quality companies in my area. I have managed to get the 4 I referred to the other day at a much higher price than the other people were getting. Capitalize on poor performers, if you get a call find out why they want to change and go up on the price but do top quality work. <p>bottom line is you can't make it in this business without winter money and with weather conditions as they are now and probably will be for the next few years. Make the weather a non issue, look for people that care for their lawns and water them on a regular basis, pass up the other ones because when things dry up so will your bank account. <p>Advice you won't get from your competition!<br>Advice you better listen to!<br>Homer


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Howdy Homer. Good words. If it don't have a sprinkler system, I don't cut it. <p>----------<br>Bobby <br>Ft Lauderdale

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