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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawn guy, Oct 31, 2004.

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    hi all,
    I think i am going to make the move to yearly contracts. The only thing I can't figure out is how to work out the monthly costs. Some of the lawns I do have nice plush Floritam grass and some are all weeds, The Floritam grows faster and requires more cuts then the weeds. Should I have separate contracts for the different types of grass? also what happens when you show up to mow grass and it is not ready to be cut? do you cut anyway? Does this make the customer feel like they are getting ripped off? How do I estimate the amount of total cuts for the year when different grasses grow at different rates?
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    How do you do it now? Dont you have a set monthly price? If you show up and it doewnt need cutting, come back next week, they pay monthly not per cut.
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    It is rather simple, figure out what you want to be paid per cut. Multiply that by number of annual cuts and divide by number of cutting months.

    I am in Cocoa Florida and I do 42 cuts in a 12 month season.

    So in a $30 yard -- 30x42=1260 1260/12= $105 monthly.

    Just put in your contract that the number of cuts is approximate. weather will determine and acts of nature are not your responsibility (hurricanes). Indicate when the dormant season starts (Nov) and ends (Mar) and that you will switch to an every other week cycle in that time frame.

    Works for me.
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    well the only thing is that between nov-mar some yards are at every 3 weeks and some are at every 2 weeks. This is what has me confused :eek:

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