Yearly price increases.

Discussion in 'Bidding, Estimating and Pricing' started by MowDaddy, Apr 28, 2019.

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    Weird now I can see weezes posts again.
    Hope I didn't offend ya Weeze.
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  2. TPendagast

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    I don’t believe in raising prices for the sake of raising prices
    Every time you raise a price , you invite them to shop around.

    Job cost
    If you are making your margin no reason to make a price change
    If you’re not making your margin by a lot, raise the price
    If they go elsewhere, great , they were losing money anyway.
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    I don't either. But as I said.
    My costs increase, raises for workers, insurance never goes down only up.
    Cost of living goes up.
    If none of my cost went up, no I would not raise prices.
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    I try to raise price on 1/3 of my list every year. I base who gets an increase off my end of season review. I also make note who didn't meet my client income goal.

    Price increase is usually handled in the preseason letter. Never really a complaint yet.
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  5. StripeLife

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    It's pretty rare that I raise prices but if I do it's either because a fence or something was put up and I have to trim more, if the customer is becoming a pain or the jobs were underbid in the first place.
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