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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by 1grnlwn, Mar 7, 2002.

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    For fertilizer customers how many send contract every year requiring client to send back if they are renewing for the year. Who sends letter stating that the contract will be renewed unless they send letter canceling. I do the former. I am concidering the latter. I think it might be advantage to rely on client thats on the fence to just hang for another year because of lack of action on there part. But I am small and so cheap (personality not price) that it would kill me to give away even 1 free app. to someone who wanted to cancel but did not contact. Insert wisdom here>

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    I only send out a renewal bill to those that pay in advance. The others we just show up.

    Showing up seems to be the way the big guys do. Just had an irrigation customer that verbally committed to switch to us. Called yesterday to see where the paper work was. "Oh, Lawn Doctor showed up the next day and did an app and they are billing me and I can't stop and blah, blah, blah"

    Isn't it NIKE with the "just do it" thing?
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    I contact every customer and see what they thought of the previous seasons results, what they were happy or unhappy with and then if they would like to renew again for this season. That's what the off-season is for. I picked up alot of customers last season from people who had their old company show up without any contact or contract and put down an application. The company never touched base with them to see if the customer was satisfied or not and would like to renew. Pretty cheesey if you ask me. And every one of those customers said they were not paying for that first application. I will not make any applications under the assumption someone is automatically going with me. A little extra effort to touch base goes a long ways with people. Sure, it opens you up for negativity if the customer was unhappy but that is business. Gives you an opportunity to make things right and get a second chance to make them happy. If not, learn from your mistakes. :)
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    Randy , I know what you are saying, some companies use the (see you next year) on the final invoice as renewal for next year. I discussed this with the overall best big guy in my area and he sends out letter in January telling the customer if they need to cancel send the paperwork back. I thought this might be an option. He is second in size to TGCL in this area and is highest price quality oriented Co. I am getting ready to call all people who I havent heard from since today was my respond back date. Oh if Quality guy applies and client wanted to cancel he smiles and says no problem mam no charge. I don't think I'm that big yet. Food for thought. How about the rest of you guys?
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    In my contracts I place a clause "This agreement shall contine from year to year subject to any reasonable price increases. This agreement may be cancelled at any time with a 30 notice of intent."
    However, here in Michigan the law requires a verifyable agreement.
    In talking to a rep. for the M.D.A. they tell me we must at least contact them by telephone yearly.Document the time and person you talk to.
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    i am so glad that you know the michigan law... now whats the requirment for filling pesticides? ( insert favorite game show theme here )

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