Yearly Service Contract Or Not?

Discussion in 'Lawn Care Business Management' started by J&JPropmaint, Jul 24, 2013.

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    I new in the business and would like to be familiar in using a proposal as well? Thank very much.

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    Send me a copy of the proposal, I'm looking for new ideas, thanks
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    Andyslawncare thank for the much needed advice. Would very much appreciate a copy. Thank you!
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    I would like to get a copy of the your proposal as well if that's ok. My email is
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    Blade 2 Blade: I am getting into this a bit late but here are some pointers that work with commercial or residential contracts. Yes they are good as it brings a steady year long cash flow your way but understand that some people just plain do not want to get into a contract no matter what you offer so show up with a seasonal plan as well as an Annual Contract. I do residential only but I offer a discount based upon the services. Straight cutting what you see is what you get. Fertilizing/Weed control service gets you a 10% discount off the top and Fertilizing/Weed control & Seeding gets a 15% discount off the top. You will make that up doing good work and getting repeat customers. Make it easy to read. I use Copperplate Gothic Bold at a 14 font and can still get everything on both sides of one sheet of paper. Offer several plans, weekly, biweekly and a mix (weekly/biweekly) of each and point out that this will save them money over the year. Having a single monthly payment amount is great as your customer knows exactly how much each month it will cost. Start NOW writing your contract as you will do it many times before you get what you want. Do your best to make it generic rather than for each customer and remember if it ain't written down it does not happen. Always give an out option but to CYA make sure to include abuse of the contract (getting a lower price then cancelling when the season is over) happens only once. I make it clear if this is done you will no longer have a contract option, seasonal rates only. Finally know that every year someone will ask a question that comes out of left field that you never even thought of so be prepared to update your contracts as that happens.
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    The question I would ask myself before I continued any further would be, "would a yearly contractor help my business grow?" I think that the idea of locking your customers into pricing sounds promising, but I think it can also set up you for failure.

    You should also ask yourself what you liked about yearly contractors you've encountered, whether that be with another professional service or with your phone contract. Most people will shop around before they commit to something with a contract, so make sure your prices are competitive and the discount your customers will receive is plentiful enough for them to contract with you.

    Best of luck on your endeavors, I hope whatever you do works out and your business succeeds.

    -- Colby@TE

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    Can you email me a copy of your contract so I can see how yours is written out?

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