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Years on commercial mowers


LawnSite Bronze Member
I was just wondering if any of u guys run the same walk behinds that u bought, say 5 or 10 years ago. I am going to buy a new one and do about 35 weekly accounts, and the number grows every year. I figure with proper maintenance these machines will last, but how long?


LawnSite Silver Member
I know several contractors who maintain an average of 75 accounts weekly that are using machinery over 10 yrs old. My friend John has a bobcat that is gold - if that tells you something. Our trim mowers are sensations. [dont know if they are still in production or not - look just like a bobcat 21" except for the decks are orange]

Yes, proper maintenance will provide your machinery with longevity and performance. I know that alot of contractors find it cheaper to replace parts here and there including decks than to buy new.

Hope this helps.

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I have one Chopper that is 6 years old and a JD 430 tractor that is 10 now. Both run great.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
I have a John Deere 52" walk behind (built by Bunton) that I purchased new in 1984. (Had two-sold one) About 12 years ago, I changed the motor on it (Briggs I/C 16 hp. twin,)with an identical and today, it runs like a champ! Granted I've changed belts, pulleys, and other miscellaneous stuff on it, with some original stuff remaining, but I think I got my money out of it.

plow kid

Toledo Ohio!!!
I have 2 36" jacobsen crew chiefs both about 10-13 yrs old
(bought used) both going on 6000 hours same engine as new, new gear boxes,belts and tires, both start on the first pull and are verry reliable.

I have seen hondas go 15 yrs also


LawnSite Senior Member
NE Ohio
I have a commercial 21" Lawnboy that I've been running every year for 12 years now! It's paid for itself, I put a new piston and rings in it about 5 years ago just because....



LawnSite Platinum Member
Also remember that you get what you pay for! I was in the warehouse of the largest commercial cutter in the area. All of their mowers looked like they were put through the mill! My 4 year old mower looked better on its worst day, than any of theirs on its best day. Usually owner operators will take better care of their own equipment.


LawnSite Senior Member
Southwest VA
I've got a 28 year old Massey Ferguson that I'm restoring http://www.geocities.com/massseyferguson7 It's not always YEARS that count, its the HOURS on the machine. The only thing that YEARS can do that HOURS can't is rust and stuff like that.