Yellow grass like weed in Bermuda?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by angecarl, May 12, 2013.

  1. angecarl

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    Please, Please HELP, I have a yellowish green weed/grass growing in my Bermuda lawn. I have taken a pic of the worst area in my yard (could not till this area because of irrigation and closeness to flowerbed), I have tilled most of it up and re-seeded Bermuda 2weeks ago. Please help me ID this weed/grass and a way to get rid of it. It looks terrible as it stands out in the green Bermuda. I can see areas, some big some small with this light green weed growing thru the Bermuda. I mow around an inch and the weed never gets taller than that. I have searched and searched and the only thing I can find is Yellow nutsedge???? From the pics on the internet I really can't tell. I have Certainty herbicide with a surfactant, waiting for this weed if it turns out to be nutsedge. Just need some help on what it is and what to do to get RID of it!!!

    In advance thanks for your time and help.

    Pics are links, could not attach due to file size. If any more is needed, let me know.

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  2. wildstarblazer

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    It almost looks like st augustine type grass or similar. Hope someone could be more helpful
  3. cpllawncare

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    Take a sample to the local extension office they will know what it is for sure.
  4. weeze

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    i'm not sure what type of grass it is but it's very common around here. it usually starts growing later than other grasses like when the temps are above 80 degrees or more. i'd like to know what it is too.

    it's always got a sortof neon green look to it. it's lighter green than the other grasses like bermuda or centipede or whatever.
  5. angecarl

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    As stated by cpllawncare, I took a sample to my local extension office and it was identified as bahiagrass. The distinct characteristic of bahiagrass is the Y-shaped seedhead. Mine never develops seedhead because of low mowing.

    The Ext office gave me a Pest control book for turfgrass and it states to spray Celsius WG, but says I must be licensed?? It looks as if I can buy it on eBay tho?

    Any advise on another herbicide to spray or anyone ever used Celsius to control this?

    Thanks again!!!!
  6. wildstarblazer

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    Yea celsius is good but costly and not easy to mix if you don't know what your doing because of the small amount you use to mix. There are a lot of threads about celsius here if you do a search. You need a license for anything you spray that you receive payment for but I won't tell anyone, just read and follow the label..
  7. windflower

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    I think it's been misidentified. Bahia grass has a course texture and is usually dark green if fertilized. It will put up seed heads in 24 hours or less, I doubt even with bermuda you are mowing that frequently. I just seeded a pasture with an improved variety last year and even the seedlings didn't look like that.
  8. wildstarblazer

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    I was surprised to see Bahia as well. But that is what the county said. I would have thought carpet grass or something.
  9. angecarl

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    That is what I am afraid of. They ID this has bahiagrass and I have already spent the $115 on celsius wg. I have an area that is just like the pics that never gets mowed or didn't get tilled up when reseeding and it has not gotten a seedhead yet (been 3weeks Sunday). The only trouble I have with bahiagrass is on my roadside.

    Please advised what you would do next?? Would you take another sample to another Extension center. I gotta get this grass/weed under control, or my wife is gonna make me move out!!!!!! :walking: I am too far in money wise to give up on my yard.

    All this is being sprayed in my yard and I always look hereon for all the help. Thanks!!!
  10. Keith

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    Some of the pictures look a little like doveweed.

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