Yellow Jacket, (wasps)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LAWNGODFATHER, Oct 4, 2002.

  1. I had a bad experiance with them yesterday while aerating, I ran over several nests in the ground, and did not notice at first, but I did notice when I was swormed by them.

    I got off the mower and high tailed it as fast as the old dogs could take me, until I did not see any more.

    Next lawn I went to, same thing, more in the ground.

    Good thing I did not get stung once.

    Everyone watch out, and be aware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    When was the last time you were on the property.. Do nests like that pop up within like 3 days or is that the first time in 2-3 weeks and now there is a nest where there previously wasn't..

    I have no idea how fast yellowjackets build their nests. <G>

  3. Last time "I" was there it was end of August.

    One of my crews cuts there weekly.

    I have run over many nests in the past and have never been swormed like this before, but I guess since I was poking holes in the ground I really pissed them off.

    I went around a few times and seen them flying right next to me, but the sun was shinning bright and I couldn't make them out real fast, but the last time, I was haulling tail!!!!
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    Once, while trimming a yellow jacket went up my shorts and started stinging.... each time I got stung it felt like I was being struck by a hammer at full swing.

    By the time I got to the truck I was stripped down to my socks... yea, sounds funny now but at the time I had tears in my eyes, not from embarrassment. I got stung 8 times on and around my crotch. My day was finished because I broke out with a bad fever and rash. :eek:

    While working I quit wearing boxers and stuck to briefs.
  5. OUCH Chuck, it must have liked the ghostly white aera huh?

    I got zapped right in the corner of my right eye earlier this year, 1 week before the EXPO.

    This is the first time I have ever seen them in this numbers before!!! I mean a whole lot of them, they were every where.

    Funny thing though, I sat and watched them cool off while the mower was running at full throttle almost right over their nest for close to an hour.
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    Maybe in the past on your ZTR you go over them so fast that before they know what's up, you're past them 70 feet away and they don't know the difference.. I would figure that poking the holes might of gotten the attention from more then a few of them..

    I was trimming along my mom's house years ago in the middle of August or July. It was hot as heck out.. I went right over a nest of yellowjackets and before I knew it, I was stung 8 times as well. They were all over me like I was tarred and feathered. I didn't hear them since I wasn't using ear protection, and all I did hear was the hum of my trimmer...

    I ran out of the backyard like I was Rambo and did a army dive and roll in the back grass like I was on fire.... Damn things had their bodies and stingers attached to my legs, man, that comment about feeling like a Hammerhead sure was right..

    It took me a couple of YEARS to relax again when trimming... I would break into a cold sweat and get into a very agressive type of mood/zone when trimming.. If I saw so much as a dust spec go past my eye, I'd take 10 steps back so quickly until I figured out what it was/what was going on...

    Now I've calmed down abit again.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    And Admin - Thanks for sharing.
  7. Doogiegh, I do that "when" (if) I am trimming when I see a snake.
    Well even on the mower, or whatever I am riding for tha matter.

    I guess after being bitten by poisonous snakes twice, and gone to the hospital twice, I have devloped a fobia. You think the wasp makes a good impression, the hammer feeling only lasts a few minutes, unlike the hours of a poisonous snake bite. I can halde the wasp sting to a point.

    uuuuuuggggghhhhhhh, back to wasp, the snakes just get me.
  8. Doogiegh

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    Here in NJ, we don't have any snakes.

    Just pollution. <G>

    Glad to hear you're ok.

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    I've been watching some build a nest at our warehouse for the last week. Once it's big enough, I'm gonna waste 'em.
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    Speaking of yellowjackets, One day I was driving a dozer and and pushed a stump out of the way trying to make a new road and before I knew it I was covered with those damn things all over me, I could not get of that dozer fast enough. Before it was all said and done I had 38 bites from head to toe.:mad: :cry:

    I had to go to the ER and get some shots. This past spring I got nailed in the face (almost went up my nose) by a red-wasp, my face swelled up like a bowling ball.:angry:

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