Yellow jackets

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    Spraying the entryway with that 20' spray shot works fine... once the spray evaporates the bees may start using the entryway again, so spray it again... after a few days, they are done with the hole... I always like to dig it up and see how many tiers their underground city had... :)
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    I just got hit 3 more times today in my own backyard.
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    16 oz.
    Also kills yellow jackets
    Fast-acting up to 22
    Gas does work but contaminates the soil.I use it in isolated areas
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    I was in the pest control industry for 13 years.
    I have killed yellow jackets, paper wasps, bald face hornets nests, etc. with no protective gear and during the day and I have NEVER been stung by any of them.

    Waiting till night is a great option which i did not have working days.
    I simply watched the activity and waited till none were heading in or out and give a quick spray of any guards on the outside and step right up with the bulb duster and give a few good quick squeezes to blow the dust right into the entrance then back away and in 24 hours or less they are done.

    Gas is the worst because it kills you grass too.
    It really does not matter what brand of dust you use as long as it has a residual effect. You will want that to control any that hatch after the treatment.
    A liquid spray will also work but only if you get it right into the entrance of the nest for several seconds and it still needs a residual in it for long term control.

    I only wish I could get some real M80 firecrackers to throw in the yellow jackets nests. Now that would be fun to watch.
    Good luck.
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    Gasoline works great...only need a little.
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