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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JimLewis, Feb 2, 2000.

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    I know we've talked about a lot of other forms of advertising here lately. And I support most of them. But speaking specifically to those of you who advertise via the yellow pages (and particularly to those who have done so for years), I have a few questions;<p>1) Do you find that there is a significant jump in response depending on the size of the ad you take out? In my experience, my previous small ads have not been very effective, but my new large ad seems to be working real well. <p>2) What size of ad do you currently have and what have you had in the past? What kind of results (calls per week throughout the various seasons) have you had from each ad? <p>3) What percentage of your business would you attribute as a direct result of your YP ads? (in contrast to your other advertising)<p>4) Do you advertise in multiple phone books? In my area there are 3 major phone book companies that supply books to all the homes and companies. And among those 3 companies they further divide things by producing different types of books (some cover the entire metro region, others cover only a few cities). So far, I have just concentrated on the one that has the greatest market share in my area. But I am considering mulitple books next year. <p>5) Any other comments regarding ad design (color vs. b&w, content, etc.) or any other comments regarding advertising? <p>Thanks for taking the time to respond. <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>
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    Jim, I know this is not an answer to your quesrion, but how many landscapers are in the book that you advertise with? I gave up on advertising in the yellow pages. I counted today the number of companies listed in my book and it added up to 182. When I advertised before I got shoppers who made the threat that they were getting 8-12 quotes. Do you have this problem in your area? <br>Chris
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    i only adv. the community phone of certain areas I will service. the metro book has too many companys listed.<br>my ad is 1/3 page and I get 500 calls off of 2 books. half went with me and the other didnt or did nothing at all.<br>some of my business came from companys I bought out about<br>i havent done a color ad onlt b/w<br>
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    What I found about Yellow Page ads while I was in th bizz and since then:<p>1. Bigger is better<br>2. Color is better<br>3. A round circular ad stands out because everybody uses squares or rectangles.<br>4. A reverse ad (yelolow letters on a black background) stands out better than black letters on a yellow background.<br>5. Use the word FREE in you ad, make it real<br>big because that word is the most powerful word in advertising. The second most powerful word is the word SECRET.<br>6. In column ads don't do much, display ads is way to go or choose another media if it's not affordable.<br>7. If your market is &quot;hot&quot;, everybody busy,<br>Yellow Pages should work just fine. But if the market is not busy, too many competitors for available work, you may have to go with an even bigger ad, but expect plenty of company on the bids.<br>8. Offer a fat discount in your ad, offer free landscape design, free something that's significant.<br>9. Don't crowd the ad with details of all you do with those endless &quot;bullet items&quot;<br>Landscape Design - Build - Maintain is all you need along with specialize in irrigation or whatever. <br>10. Suggest you spread ad budget around to include some direct mail, telemarketing to residential and commercial, ads taken in small town bargain hunter newspapers.<p>Nilsson.Assoc@Snet.Net<p>
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    nlminc, <p>to answer your question, there aren't that many in our yellow pages under the Lawn Maintenance section. There are a TON in the Landscape Contractor's section and it will be a long while if I ever touch that section. But in the Lawn Maintenance section I am one of only 8 or so display ads. Mine is the biggest and in #1 position and it's only a 1/6 page ad. <p>To Nilsson, thanks for the comments above! Excellent advice. I agree with it all and I learned a few things I didn't know. Thanks so much! -Jim<p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>
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    I have found my yellow page ad does two things: advertise and offer creditibility to my business
  7. A ad in a phone book does not offer any<br>creditibility.<p>But a BS in agronomy does.<br>
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    Speaking of BS.......
  9. mattingly

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    I agree with lawrence here. It looks good when you say you have a BS in hort. or agron. Also, being a member of certain associations looks good. Yeah I know some people will disagree but what I am trying to say is that it shows an education of some sort. Doctors, as well as many others, constantly attend continuing education courses. Well being a graduate or attending whatever you are a member of's trade shows and courses shows you care about your profession and are up to par with the latest techniques and procedures.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY
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    While I've never personally been asked about my education level in lawn care, I suppose to SOME people, it might make a difference. But I'd bet it's very few. <p>Meanwhile, I beg to differ that the yellow pages ad doesn't show credibility. To a lot of people it shows a lot of credibility. It demonstrates that you have a serious company with a business line, decent credit with your yellow pages company, and that you have a big enough business to afford a yellow pages ad. People respect that. It sets you apart from the guy who is mowing lawns on weekends for beer money. It's not everything when it comes to credibility but I would argue that it does at least ad to it. <p>I know for most other professions (including most other types of contractors) I shop primarily in the yellow pages. I guarantee ya this - I wouldn't ever shop for a painter, car mechanic, roofer, etc. who advertises in the nickel ads or the local classifieds. Some people would. And I'm not saying that you shouldn't advertise there. But there are people who won't go anywhere but the yellow pages. And to those people, it does ad credibility. <p>However, in my opinion, there are a lot more important things that ad credibility to your business. Things like your overall company image, your personal appearance, your attitude, your integrity, and your performance. These things FAR outweigh any other B.S. <p>----------<br>Jim Lewis - Lewis Landscape Services<br>

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