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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DFW Area Landscaper, Mar 6, 2004.

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    I pay $400 a month for mine. Its 2x3 i think. The price depends on your population. I have heard the myth that you just get price shoppers, and that is false. You do get some, but mine pays for itself by far. Good way to get the larger commercial accounts. And it eliminates the need to do any other advertizing for me.
  2. DFW Area Landscaper

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    ++++Good way to get the larger commercial accounts.++++

    I've never gotten a call from a commercial property from yellow pages.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  3. Kelly's Landscaping

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    Iv gotten a few calls for larger stuff but I will be eliminating most of my phone book ad this year as well way to much money for what calls I get. We spend 375 a month and the damm book is 33 towns I do work in 7 of them. Any of you want to guess which towns end up calling my ad.

    Direct mail has worked wonders for us as has the small home town paper in fact so much so we stopped even booking estimates 3 weeks ago, and it will be another month before I catch up. They got a smaller area book that I may advertize in but the big books are so not worth it I am one of 240 landscapers in that book. Thats no way to be noticed.
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    Phone book is the #1 source of customers for me. I shrank my add this year because of all the overwhelming response last year, big mistake. Last year I wasn't ready for it, this year I had intended on growing. It all worked out for the best, but next year the ad is going to increase in size. It's always worked for me, and as I service most of the area covered by the book (about 1 county) more or less, it is my target audience. Back in the early days when I had to put out fliers, the number one comment I got from homeowners was "I only employ people who are listed in the yellow pages." I can't tell you how many customers I've gotten from the book, it's innumerable. I'm in it to stay.

  5. LawnsRUsInc.

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    I filled a whole crews week on a dollar bill size ad in 2 months of my ad in spring. We got a few calls for com. but around here everyone hunts to get the com. places. So i hope it works better for you next time. Me doing just sales for my company their was no way i could keep up.

  6. MacLawnCo

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    Jason, the important question now becomes how profitable / tight is this new route. Id be very surprised if it was doing well in those regards at all.
  7. Randy Scott

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    Yellow pages advertising has a lot to do with how and what your company is comprised of. How you can handle the calls, the people, the sales techniques. One or two man shows, it's probably a waste. Once the season starts, and YOU have to be in the field working, you won't have time for estimates most likely. You need to figure out where and what type of company you will be building. That will play a major factor in how, where, and what advertising you should be doing.

    Some of you think the one or two avenues of advertising should fill your schedule, not so. It takes many roads and it takes repetitive advertising. Some get good response and some don't. They all should have something hit good once in awhile. We landed a paver patio job a week ago from the yellow pages. A cold call from a customer going through the book. Sold ourselves to them and now have a nice job to do and a new avenue of referral work when were done with them. We wouldn't have gotten that job without the yellow book. You need to do many forms of advertising if you are planning to grow, and to keep with it. My advice, one or two man shows, don't advertise in the phone book, it's a waste. You should be able to keep more than busy with referral work being that small. Heck, were 5 men strong and could quit advertising if we wanted to stop growing. Referral work is huge.
  8. Trevors Lawn Care

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    Good point Randy

  9. mtdman

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    I agree with your sentiment about referral work, and about many avenues of advertising. However, I believe that having your name out there as much as possible, and that the yellow pages lends some kind of faux credibility is just as important.
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    Randy, you make some valid point, but it's hard to get referalls when you are small. If I only have 20 or so accounts, its going to be much harder than if I had 50 or 60 accounts. I have been advertising in the YP's for the last 2 years and it's barely paid for itself and the way it has is only one time jobs. I am wanting to put an ad together this time to get the phone ringing mainly for mowing. I am considering a statement like "Average lawns mowed for $25". The bad thing about that is that I run the risk of getting a lot of calls from all over town.

    Any ideas?

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