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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Lawn Newbie, Aug 23, 2006.

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    Because every industry is different I need to find out if putting money into larger yellow page ads has a good return? I figure it is either going to be a big waste or a tremendous success. I would guess that you would need to specify the area(s) you work though!
    Is there a different source besides the yellow pages any of you might recommend?

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  2. cochino12

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    Not to sound like a sales pitch but (I sold ads for a number of years) if you are going to spend money on YP advertising, you MUST spend enough money for a noticeable ad!!! In column or bold listings are a complete waste of money. YP ads get a bad rap around here but the "ROI" can be great but you need to have the right ad!!

    Are you a 1 person LCO?

    I advertised in the biggest local book here and during spring I was getting 25-35 calls a day, too much for one person to handle.

    oh and brush up on your sales skills, the book only makes your phone ring. It doesnt sell your customer. Good luck, sorry for the rant
  3. Lawn Newbie

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    I understand what you mean on the basic listings which is a sad thing, but I guessed that was the case. If I get a larger ad that looks good and is precise you believe that would be worth the $$$ ? And do you advertise in any other publications that are not a waste of money? Thanks for your reply!
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    I live in a town of 13000 but there is a lot of small communities close by . I'm guessing the yellow page ad I ran reached 40,000 people +-. Long after i quit paying for the ad I still get phone calls . I get phone calls out of a phone book that is three years old . So I would say if it is "cost -efficient" for you to run a yelloe page ad -go for it . If I remember right it cost me 150 bucks a year +/- . BE CAREFUL THOUGH DON'T AGREE TO ADVERTISING FROM A TELEMARKETER ......bad news ...

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