Yellow wire fulse keeps blowing

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    Everytime I turn the key the fulse for the yellow wire will blow i've replaced the volt regulator but that didn't work any thoughts what is happening? Thanks!
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    Unhook the yellow wire at the engine and try and start the mower. If the yellow fuse blows the issue is on the mower side, if it doesn't then there is still an issue on the engine side (possibly a short in the stator). If it blows check the harness for any exposed section of the yellow wire where it could be touching metal.

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    Question I have a 52 rh with a 19 kaw and the purple wire fuse blows as soon as I turn the key on. This wiring is beating me and I am not thrilled about it. Any help would be appreciated thanks
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    The purple wire is from the solenoid to the key switch and provides power to the orange wire at the keyswitch to power the harness. If you unhook the orange wire from the key switch and it still blows more than likely the key switch has the short. If it doesn't blow then one of the other components has a short. The orange wire is doubled at the component connections so you can unplug one at a time and still send power thru the harness to the other components, when it stops blowing that is the problem component. Also check the harness for any pinch points or areas where it might have been cut exposing the wire.

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