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yellowing boxwoods


LawnSite Member
what is the deal with the yellow/orangish color on these boxwood shrubs here in Texas? Is it a deficiency, disease or just normal for this time of year. I dont remember this last season.


Gene $immons

LawnSite Bronze Member
Mine are doing the same thing in Okla. I think the cold weather takes a toll on them. Mine always come back well in the spring.

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
Are they yellowing or getting a bronzish appearance?

If they are bronzing, then it's a natural winter thing. Certain varieties of boxwood are more susceptible to it than others. Spraying an anti-dessicant on them (such as Wilt-proof) in the late fall/early winter can help to avoid this problem.



Doster's L & L

LawnSite Senior Member
Yeah, i believe it is a natural thing. The Korean boxwoods are pretty bad about doing that. Wintergreen boxwoods are a good variety to use. They are darker green than the other boxwoods and they stay green in the winter.
Originally posted by Gene $immons
Boxwoods are also real sensitive to dog urine. I've seen this kill them.
Very true. Also keep an eye on yellowing/or whitening of leaves due to white fly damage. It wont be the whole shrub, just leaves here or there.